I really need to get my decorating and DIY self into gear! I have a few chairs in need of some serious re-upholstery. I’ve purchased the fabric and fluff, just need the time to do it. There are many things on my list to-do when it comes to my house. Our extra downstairs bedroom will not become an office/music room/art room. We’ll see how well I can mesh the three concepts together. Just the idea of having a child instantly makes my house seem too small. I need to learn how to utilize my space, and keep things ORGANIZED. Here are some ideas I have for that room:

(Random internet sources…Sorry not properly sited!!!)

Not sure how we’ll work the ‘office’ part into it yet, but I’m sure it’ll come to me. Then there’s the idea of getting a nursery together… First of all, Gavin and I have no yet come to a decision on whether or not to find out the sex. Although we would love that experience, functionally, I’m not sure how good of an idea it is! We would really like to save money by relying on handmedowns, gifts, and resale items, but those are all quite difficult to buy/receive in advance if you do not know what color scheme to go with. There are many cute gender neutral items out there, but not much in the realm of clothing!!! I like the concept I have come up with so far, but I’ve been told it may be too girly to be gender neutral…What do you think???


I really love these colors and mix/match patterns. We already have the Ikea white bookshelf, and I’d really like to either make or find light grey linen storage tubs to go in the openings for a nice, uniform feel. I love the moracan design on the bedding, and was the only bedding I could tollerate from Target or BabiesRUs (from BabiesRUs). I found most bedding sets from those two places (the only places that are easily registerable) were quite kitchy, and too loud for my taste. I love the neutral tones with the accent of the blue and yellow for a nursery, and don’t want my child to be blinded by obnoxious bold colors (not dissing you if you have those in your nursery…they’re just not for me! ). I’d like to keep the room looking as ‘soft’ as possible by adding a white, sheer curtain covering the window, and a sheep (not real) skin rug on the floor. To further accent the room, I would like to use a yellow pattern to reupholster one of my Goodwill chairs in. Doesn’t HAVE to be the patter on the one I found above, but the other two textiles I posted would be good examples of what I have in mind. Then accent it with a grey, white, and/or blue pillow and soft blanket. So descriptive! haha. What do you think?

Feel free to post pictures of your nurseries as responses.


3 thoughts on “Lacking.

  1. Love this! I love the organizational ideas.. IKEA has perfect cheap stuff for that. Also loving the yellow theme for the baby’s room. It’s gonna be adorbale whatever you do!

  2. Lauren says:

    I know we don’t know each other all the well, or hardly at all, but when I came across your blog on your FB page, I couldn’t help but read. I too am pregnant and a first time mom. I have been reading up a storm. I didn’t find out unrtil I was 22.5 weeks, so everything has come so fast. Anyways, the reason for my comment; if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Secondly, there is a website called Not sure if you have heard of it, but it is a site where people handmake things and sell them. Very very cute stuff for kids, and there is a ton of it. So, if you are not liking the bedding that any retail store out there has, check this website out. I just bought a sign for our front door that says “please do not ring the bell, baby sleeping.” I’m so excited to get it. Anyways, sorry for being “nosey,” but I wish you luck!

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