Where is the love?

So, I was totally taken by surprise today when an old friend of mine, Annie, sent me a picture of an art piece that she had made. I had posted some pieces that I like off of my Etsy.com favorites the other day, and she obviously took the time to look at that, and make me something I would totally love! It’s the mustard color that I want to accent my baby’s nursery with, and am excited to put it as the ‘first piece’ in baby L’s room.

Speaking of Baby L, time for an update! Yesterday I had my second appointment. I’m now almost 11 weeks, and still not showing (sad face…however, I know the next few weeks might change!). I actually have lost 5 pounds since my last appointment, which I hear is normal in your first trimester. I also found out my blood type (O-) and that I am Rh-, which means I may have to get a rhogam shot if Baby L has a different RH type then I do. Apparently, if Baby L has Rh+ blood, my body may attack it! But the medical assistant stated it’s usually not a problem during the first pregnancy. I’m not worried about it, I trust all of my medical professionals :).

Gavin finally got to see our baby! He was unable to make the first appointment, so we asked if we could have an unscheduled ultrasound. They took us right back, and Gav heard the amazing heartbeat of our baby (179 beats per minute! WHOA!…Fingers crossed for a girl!).

So exciting!


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