Wonderful World of Pregnancy

So, as many of you know, I have been “blessed” with the wonderful world of pregnancy symptoms. If it is exists, I have it: NAUSEA, dizziness, tiredness, bloating, headaches, constipation, breakouts, mood swings…am I missing any? I have tried various remedies for these, and thought I’d give my own personalized review for those who are currently pregnant, or looking to be.


                This has been the peskiest of all of my symptoms. Every single day I get “morning sickness,” which is more like all-day sickness. Usually right after breakfast or around lunch time it’s the worst. Sometimes the nausea is accompanied by a strange stomach ache that feels like I haven’t eaten in days, but eating’s the last thing on my list of things to do when battling the gag reflex. Here are some things that I’ve tried to cope:

Ginger cookies

Ginger is supposed to work wonders on a harsh tummy. After eating a few of these bad boys, I would definitely feel better, but the woozy sensations would come back after a half hour or so. Also, with six ‘thins’ being 140 calories, it’s easy to eat half a box of these cookies without noticing. So, out of ten, I give this remedy a 7. It works temporarily, and tastes yummy, but probably not worth the extra calories.

Ginger Ale

Again with the ginger. I am actually a huge fan of ginger flavored items, but I know many people are not, so if ginger aint-yo-thang, ignore this paragraph (sorry you read the first one!).  Growing up, my mom would give me ginger ale to make my tummy aches go away, and it usually helped. So having ginger ale nowadays not only helps with my stomach, it brings back a little bit of nostalgia from growing up.  With about half the calories of a regular can of soda (there are also diet options available), ginger ale is a better contender then the cookies. It also is caffeine free for those pregnant women looking to keep their caffeine in check. Out of ten, I give ginger ale an 8. It works pretty well, and tastes great!

The Winner – Zofran

I know many people are against taking any sort of medicine while pregnant, but I have a pretty low patience for nausea. My friend introduced me to this magical pill that eliminates nausea completely. The pill is tiny, and dissolves in your mouth (tastes great!). The pill takes affect within five minutes, and you can go about your day. It’s pretty much a miracle. Side effects? You betcha! If you’re already constipated from those pesky pre-natal vitamins, this will definitely do you over. Out of 10 I give this pill a 9. It would get a 10 if it weren’t for the added GI stress it puts on my body.


                Working 9 hours at a desk job does not help with this symptom at all. Right around 2:30 every day, I get so tired that my eyes literally feel like iron sheets, and I cannot function! And, the worst part about it? We have to limit our caffeine intake during pregnancy! Most doctors limit intake to one caffeinated beverage a day, but for avid coffee and soda drinkers like myself, this is a difficult limitation. My remedies for tiredness?

The winner – Caffeine

Sometimes you just gotta have it. Usually try to keep it to a two drink minimum a day, but it varies. The other day I tried to go without caffeine and almost sent myself into a migraine attack.


This one comes from my dad. In college, I used to get way too tired in class, and my dad recommended I get up and walk to the back of the classroom, or to the bathroom, whatever it took to get my body moving and a little blood flowing. Not to mention, it’s good for you.


                This symptom is going to happen during pregnancy whether you’re 100 pounds, or 400 pounds. I’ve learned that it’s something I’ll have to get used to in this part of my life. Although it’s uncomfortable and makes me pretty self conscious, there’s really only one [safe] remedy for it:


Water is going to be an overall remedy for all pregnancy symptoms (although sometimes it hinders the nausea one…).  The best remedy for bloating, whether pregnant, or not, is water. You should be drinking eight 8oz glasses of water a day, and more if you can while pregnant. Your body is exercising pretty much constantly, and needs the extra hydration.  Best part about water (it’s so hard to choose!) is that it’s calorie free! J


                This pesky symptom is a tough one, because many pregnant women do not wish to take medication. Although there are safe medicines to take while pregnant, whatever you consume, your baby consumes, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are some things that I’ve tried:


Its doctor approved, and is pretty much the only ‘safe’ medicine you can take for headaches while pregnant.  Always in moderation though…


This one gets two on the list! Some of your headaches may be caused by the lack of daily caffeine your body is used to in addition to the hormones in your system. If you haven’t already for the day, or it will just be a second cup, add that extra caffeine in your system. Again, in moderation.

Hot shower

This one’s not always openly accessible like caffeine or Tylenol, but is soooo helpful. The steam from the shower relaxes your body, and expands your blood vessels. This allows your body to relax a little, and may ease the tension causing your headache. Not to mention you get to clean up a little bit.

Winner – Meditation/Prayer/Quiet time

It’s always good to have a little bit of quiet time, removed from all of the stimulations we encounter during our day. If we take some time to really focus (or not focus) on something, we can really loosen up our body and our minds. Take a nap, focus on that connection with baby, pray, whatever it is that relaxes you.


                You may be feeling constipated from pre-natals and the hormones. Your metabolism is slowing because baby needs to retrieve its nutrients! I tried many things to aide this one, with mixed results:


It says ‘flavorless’ but I chose to differ. If you put this in your water, you may taste a little bit of odd sweetness that you may not like. It does a little better in flavored drinks, but if it’s cold, it only globs up into clumps or into a thick syrup. Not to mention it doesn’t work very well, and it’s expensive. I rate this one 5 out of 10.

Winner – Benefiber tablets

If you can tolerate the horrible texture of these orange chewables, then this product is actually okay. The flavor is decent, but since its 100% fiber essentially, it feels like you’re eating thick mud. However, out of all of the fiber supplements I’ve taken, this one works best (even better the Benefiber dissolvable powder! Weird!) This product gets 7 out of 10.

Prune Juice

This old remedy did not work for me at all. Not only does it taste horrible (if you’ve never tried it, imagine putting about 100 raisins in a blender, then serve), but it just gave me gas and extra bloating, and did not result in a single BM (sorry fellas if you’re reading this). It’s cheap, but did not work for me. This product gets a 0 out of 10.


                Oh pregnancy glow, why haven’t you reached me yet? I have been blessed with breakouts. Not the worst I’ve ever had, or seen, but bad for me (and in unusual places). Usually, my breakouts stay on my face, and they’re usually easily concealable. However, pregnancy has given me breakouts on my arms (typically in the creases of my elbows), my chest (just little red dots), and my back. None of my breakouts are acne-like or pussy (this is getting graphic), but pretty small. I’ve heard that some anti-breakout medicine can be harmful to baby and cause birth defects, which I never knew, so I’ll be looking for more organic soaps and washes for my face and body.

Neutrogena Wash/Mask

This product does not treat breakouts, at all. I was expecting the beads to be a little more robust then they were, and were hardly the size of a grain of sand. After washing, my face would still feel dirty. It did have a pleasant cooling effect on my skin, but no real purpose. Expensive too. 4 out of 10.

Alba Exfoliating Body Wash

This product smells great, and is organic/safe for baby! However, it does not do much for breakouts. Although my body and face feel more clean post-washing than the Neutrogena product, it is not made to treat breakouts. But, a great product nonetheless! 6 out of 10 (for breakouts)

Alba Seaweed Facial Mask

This product is a 5 minute mask you leave on your face that promises to draw out dirt from your pores. Although I’m not sure on the success of that claim, your face definitely feels clean afterwards! It dries it up just enough to make it feel less oily. It also is baby-safe and organic. 7 out of 10. Does not really treat breakouts, but some success!

Clearasil Spot Treatment

Clearasil has a large repertoire of products that treat acne, but have never really found one that works for me. This specific product worked about 30% of the time. Usually the product just made the skin around the problem area super dry, but not help the initial issue. However, friends of mine have said this product has been successful for them! 5 out of 10 for this product.

** No winner for this area. Feel free to let me know if you have a suggestion!!

For the unmentioned symptoms, I don’t really have any remedy, I’m sorry! But I hope that you all enjoyed reading my comments and potential too much information on them. Ha-ha! Just remember, if you’re pregnant and dealing with these issues, think of the baby first. Stay away from dangerous products and situations, and make sure that if you have any questions, to speak with your doctor.

Thanks everyone!

PS_ Here’s my 11 and a half week picture!


One thought on “Wonderful World of Pregnancy

  1. Michelle says:

    Try Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Acne Scrub. I’ve been using it for over a year and am so happy with how my skin looks– it combats breakouts really well. Just make sure you have a pretty good moisturizer because it tends to try out your skin. (At least that’s what it did to mine, may be different for you!)

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