As many of you know, I’m an avid Etsy browser, and love to see what people are creating instead of purchasing from mass-produced retail stores. Being that I will be a new mom in a few months, I have switched over from past Etsy searching seasons (wedding items, to home décor, and clothing) to now looking at the hundreds of amazing baby items! Here are a few on my ‘Favorites’:

This hand-printed linocut lily of the valley baby onesie found here, is very cute. I love the craftsmanship that goes into printmaking and pressing, as I studied it in college (the owl piece in the image below…sorry it’s a poor image!)

I love that a simple onsie can be turned into a cute little outfit that you could easily add bloomers or a tutu too <-lol!

This snack bag, which you can find here, is so cute and functional! You can probably buy either a ziplock (wasteful) or a similar product for more money at Walmart or Target. But this little guy (only 7 bucks!), velcroes shut so you dont have to worry about your snacks spilling all over your bag, car, whatever! It is machine washable, and has a little strap on it so it is easily carriable. It can come in other colors and sizes too!

This crib bedding, where you can find here, is so great, because it’s customizable! For those of you like myself that are not big fans of animal covered, kitchy, bold colored patterned bedding, or what is available at megastore retailers like BabysRUs or Target, this is a great option! There are over 20 different fabric options that are most subtle and chic. I love it!


These adorable crocheted toys, which can be found here are great! They are wonderfully crafted, soft, and not overstimulating. It seems like many of childrens toys these days are a little too realistic and crazy then they need to be. These are great!

These organic sheets that one can use for napping and holding your little one. Made from organic flannel, these sheets add a little bit of creative color and pattern to sleepy time. They come in other colors as well! Also, gender neutral if you’re waiting to find out the gender!

I love these little knit caps you can find all over Etsy, specifically here. This one is only 7 dollars, and you can have a hand made, unique little hat to keep your baby’s head warm! I might get a few for mine, as baby will be coming along right before winter (even though Arizona winters are not that brisk!).

Hope you all enjoyed the post! Are you finding any adorable baby stuff on Etsy? I have more listed on my favorites here.


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