Mother’s Day weekend.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day Weekend! Even though I am not quite a mother, I was definitely feeling the love! Thank you everyone! My husband bought me a card that had a cute little button on it that I proudly sported all day yesterday:

I enjoyed my Mother’s Day with my lovely mother, Priscilla.

Is she not fricken gorgeous? I still am attached at the umbilical cord to her. We like best friends, just deeper. I am so blessed to have such a close relationship with my mother, and I appreciate it deeply.

Part of our day was spent shopping. We stopped by Home Goods (one of our favorites) and I spotted this little guy (actually, it was about a foot and a half long):

I almost got him, as it clearly represents my breed of choice, Italian Greyhounds. It was also only $12, and all white, which goes with some of the decorating schemes I have in mind for the nursery and den. However, I could not get myself to actually buy it for some reason, and let it go. -sad face- Marco will be so disappointed:

Anywho, I did end up finishing one task with decorating yesterday with Gavin: curtains. We put up cheap (and I mean CHEAP) curtain rods from Target (about $3 bucks each) about two weeks ago. I had the curtains, where I bought from Cost Plus World Market (about $10 a piece), but could not decided if I should hem them or not, as they were a little long. We decided that the only place where that would be an issue would be in front of the dog door, and we came up with a solution!

Please ignore the mess… We utilized some knobs that our good friends Doug and Megan had purchased me for my birthday last year. As we were in a rental home for about a year, I did not want to put them in that home in risk of damaging the walls. Now that we have out own place, I can use them! They are from Urban Outfitters, for about $8 a piece, but I know you can get them also at Pier 1 Imports, as well as Cost Plus World Market.

I cannot wait for us to finish putting together our home! Progress is so rewarding!

Have a great day guys!


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