Friday the 13th.

Friday the 13th.

Is it pregnancy hormones, or Friday the 13th? Today’s been odd so far! I started the day off feeling awful after a horrible night sleep post vomit-fest before bed. After chasing my dog from getting a bag of bread, I took a shower and began to get ready. What’s the first thing I do when putting on my make up? Drop the glass container of liquid foundation on my tile bathroom floor, and it cracked in half. I tried to salvage what I could (foundation is EXPENSIVE). Whatever is left of my foundation is currently living in the top of a compact powder, covered with Press-and-Seal saran wrap…classy. I’ll probably end up picking up more at the store, as I won’t like the hassle of that mess.

After getting ready (not to mention, I ran out of hairspray) I made some coffee. I was surprised to see that there was water already in the pot, and coffee that had been ground and put in the maker already. So stoked! But when I went to put my favorite coffee creamer in my cup, there was nothing in it! Someone had put an empty Peppermint Mocha creamer back in the fridge! I was super bummed. By then I didn’t even want the coffee, and had to rush to work.

Work seems alright so far, even though we’re excruciatingly busy. Fridays are usually a little busier, as we have to have faculty ready for their classes that start on Monday. I ended up spilling my drink on my new Iphone, but nothing to be concerned about. Easily whipped away (close call!).

Don’t really believe in Friday the Thirteenth, and know my hormones are getting the best of me. All of those little things goshdarnit!

Busy weekend ahead! My good friends, Alex and Riley, are getting married tomorrow, and my husband is officiating the wedding. We’re attending the rehearsal and dinner tonight, then wedding tomorrow! I’m excited to help any way I can, and I will actually be doing the brides hair! I’m no professional, but I know how to use a teasing comb and hairspray! Haha. Here’s the lucky couple in an engagement shoot I did for them (sorry low quality, I’m posting from work and don’t have the originals with me):


Next on the agenda to discuss: Sunday is the first day of my second trimester! I can proudly say that I have not gained any weight, and easily fit into my size six jeans. Although some days I would prefer maternity pants (due to fore mentioned pregnancy side effects…). I am excited [and hopeful] to leave behind all of my nausea, and ready to regain my energy and life! I would also like to not look like I hit the donut bar and start showing!

Here is my twelve and a half week picture!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable, blessed weekend!


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