Busy…as usual

It sure has been busy these past few weeks! Gav and I were a part of another wedding this weekend! Here are just a few of the many pictures I took:

First Alex and Riley:



The beautiful bride

You may kiss the bride!!!

Gavin (the officiant) and I catching a kiss in the beautiful scenery.


Now Jen and Ole’s wedding!

Jen was breathtaking!!! (Ole was okay…;)  )

The most destructive cake cutting I’ve ever seen!

Everyone on the dance floor.


Gavin (a groomsmen) and I catching a laugh.

Both weddings so different! It’s been fun witnessing all of the wonderful lifelong committments that people have been pursuing. It is a blessing to have friends who consider marriage to be an important act, and I love to celebrate with them. Jen and Ole had a double wedding, which was the first one I had ever attended! However, it turned out BEAUTIFULLY.

Although wedding season is somewhat passing, I still have my cousins wedding in June, and the Chapman wedding in December. So I guess I’ll get my wedding cravings fullfilled then! 🙂

Pregnancy update: I’m pooching! Yes, I do not have what many call a, “Shi-baby,” anymore (feel free to email me if you have a question on what that is), but an actual bump. It took me fourteen and a half weeks, but it’s there. Many still can’t tell, but for someone who takes pride in their flat stomach, this is a HUGE change. Ha-ha! Although I’m not feeling as nauseous, I still combat it at times. I am now experiencing minor cramping (expanding of the ligaments in the lower abdomen), and headaches. Now that I am in my second trimester I can drink a little more caffeine, but I’m not trying to overdue it. I’ve finally been able to conquer constipation (TMI…I know), but it’s a huge feat for a pregnant woman. Can I get an AMEN!? ha!  Here is my pic:

Other things to mention: I am getting another dog! Yes, it may seem like a strange time since we’re having a baby in 6 months, but Marco needs a playmate! We’ve been dogsitting for a few months now, and he has been so happy having a lady friend to take his mind off of boredom. Of course I HAD to rescue again, and figured why not get the same breed and go through Italian Greyhound Rescue again? I checked out the site, and there was this BEAUTIFUL ten month old, all black pup named Lily. I contacted the rescue, and we had a meet up on Monday with Marco to see if they got along. They loved each other, so we’re going to add her to our family! She’s the most gorgeous dog ever, and is so soft! I am excited to bring her home!


One thought on “Busy…as usual

  1. […] that we will embark on! Tomorrow, we will be celebrating the conception of Baby Darveoux! Riley and Alex were married in May, and have been gifted with a little one of their own. You will have another friend to play with, […]

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