Time to settle…

So yet another busy weekend! Gavin and I went camping with a few of our friends this past weekend. It was nice to get away and be removed from technology. However, it was a bit cooler than expected, so being the pregnant, whiney person I am, it was difficult to be comfortable. But, had a great time nonetheless. It was our first “real” camping trip together, utilizing the mega tent I got him for our one year anniversary.

See the bump? It’s finally here. No longer looking fat, and finally looking preggo. Speaking of which, Gavin and I found out the sex of our baby unexpectedly at our last appointment! We had no idea they’d be able to know that early (not quite fourteen weeks at the time). So, when we got back from camping, we had a gender reveal party to our friends and family. Everyone showed up wearing their designated guessing color, pink or blue. We also had a tally.

And the verdict?

BOY! Gavin and I are having a baby boy. We’re pretty sure his name will be Emerson. It’s very exciting. The ultrasound was unreal. He was kicking and moving, sucking his thumb, and arching his back…so amazing to see the living person inside of me. It doesn’t seem real at times, but when you can actually see the baby moving inside of you! Gosh it’s cool! So what’s next? Our next appointment (at 18 weeks) we will have the full anatomy exam. This is a little scary for me, because this is where the make sure everything with your baby is okay: Measure the neck for down syndrome, see any growths or cysts, make sure all fingers and toes are accounted for…If anything it’s just a natural reaction to freak, right? All I can do is pray that everything is fine, and keep doing what I’m doing for him.

Updated belly picture soon to come!


OH! Also! Marco is getting his new budy tonight! We are welcoming Lily the Italian Greyhound into our family tonight. She is from the same Italian Greyhound Rescue that we got Marco from. She’s simply adorable, and I cannot wait to see her and Marco become the best of friends!


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