Summer Insanity.

Alright…that’s ENOUGH!


I took a long hiatus from the blogging world. My life has been out of control and busy, and unfortunately, my blog suffered. I’m hoping to jump start it back up again, and this time, be consistent!


Last I blogged, I was only a mere 16 weeks pregnant (now 22). I feel like I’m getting huge, and have started to experience second trimester annoyances…primarily round ligament pain. I’m not going to lie, I have a very low pain tolerance, and I admire the many mothers that have natural births. I wish I was so strong. Last week my round ligament pain was so intense (probably because I ‘popped’ over night) that I called my doctor. I was unable to sit up or walk comfortably, and even though I was not bleeding, I was very concerned for baby. After being reassured by my PA, I dosed up on Tylenol, and called it a day.

A major blessing with this whole pregnancy thing has been my coworkers. I work two cubes down from a friend who is 18 weeks pregnant, and down the aisle from a gal who is 31 weeks preggo. I also have another coworker friend who just went on FMLA, my friend Dallas’ wife is four weeks ahead of me, and we just found out another gal is 9 weeks! As they say, “It’s in the water!” I have plenty of people to talk to about various pregnancy stuff, and get in on all of the good deals and stores! One store I made it to was called Hissyfits in Phoenix. It’s like a Buffalo Exchange for babies and kids. I fell in love, and ended up spending almost 100 dollars in onsies and decorations. They have all designer and unique baby clothes, as well as many new items. Gavin and I are NOT a fan of most of the baby clothes you can get at stores such as BabiesRUs and Target (which I happen to be registered at for convenience), and all of the cute stuff if stupid expensive (babyGap, for example…I’m not going to spend 30 dollars on a onsie…). We were stoked to get some unique baby clothes, and start on the nursery over the weekend.


While I was away from this blog, I went on vacation, had a birthday, got the flu, and worked a lot. The business continues till November, till I can actually breathe for a hot minute before Emerson comes. Gavin is out of town this week and it’s been lonely, but have had some extra time to spend with family and friends.


Got to get back to work! Now a picture overload!

Emerson at 18 weeks. Full anatomy exam came out great! He’s a perfectly healthy alien looking baby!

While on vacation. 19 weeks. I thought I was getting huge!

20 Weeks on vacation. Still growing!

20 Weeks still, thinking I’m getting a ‘bump’ back at home.

21 weeks.

Organizing Emerson’s baby clothes. Starting on the nursery!

Birthday cake!

(Out of order) Driving on Vaca. TOO HOT for the mid-west.

This was the first outfit I ever bought Emerson from H&M. Actually an adorable selection! Cheap too!

Me with my grandparents in Virginia.

Diana’s ice cream (amazing) in Nashville.

How does Arizona greet me when I get home? With amazing dust storms. This haboob made it nearly impossible for me to get home from work the other day.




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