Quick Quiz

Here is a little pregnancy quiz I took from Sometimes Sweet


How far along? 22.5 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss? 10 pounds (2 of which in the last week)

Stretch marks? Unfortunately yes. I have taken the many myth-filled precautions to try and avoid them. I drown myself in cocoa butter each night, but alas, I still have them. I am fortunate enough to have the kind of stretch mark that isn’t very noticeable, flesh colored. But to the harshest critic of my ever changing body (ME), they are noticeable. They say it’s hereditary, and my mom has these very faint ones also, nothing dark. I hope nothing more pop up, as most of mine came in the first trimester.

Sleep? Sleep has been better this week. Ever since I was about 18 weeks, sleep has been getting rougher. I wake up to pee somewhere between 2-6 times a night, and cannot lie on one side for too long. I get inner-hip pains while sleeping as well, which my friend mentioned may be sciatica. No thanks.

Best moment this week? Emerson has been kicking a lot harder! Gavin will be coming home from out of town tonight, and I hope that he can FINALLY feel him. J

Movement? Yes. The flutters are slowly turning into actual kicks. Although I can sense them more than someone who’s actually touching my tummy.

Food cravings? Not too bad, although my appetite has been insatiable. I can eat and eat and eat, and still be hungry. I’m trying to keep myself under control, as I do think I have been overindulging a bit. My natural need to work out and eat healthy has really been throwing me a guilt trip, as I can surely eat healthy while pregnant (duh, you’re supposed to) but exercise is limited. I think I may start waking up unusually early and walk my neighborhood or swim. Since I am carrying to high, it sort of hurts to swim, as it lifts the belly.

Belly button in/out? My belly button is still an innie. As my close friends know, I’ve always had a shallow belly button, so I would not be surprised if it ‘pops’ early. It’s almost flesh with my rounded belly now.

What I miss: Working out. My muscles are yearning to have intense cardio work outs and challenging weigh circuits. I live to work out, and this whole “don’t lift anything more than ten pounds” thing really gets on my nerves. I think my body might be unusually affected by overexertion, as a 30 minute prenatal pilates video put me in a bed-ridden state due to stomach pains post “workout”. Walking may have to be my exercise of choice.
What I am looking forward to: There are many things I am looking forward to. Other than the actual meeting of my son, I think for this survey, I’ll stick with some short term goals…1) finishing the nursery. We got started on it last weekend, and now I am in full ‘nesting’ mode. I want to get it done, and I find myself dwelling at work about it not being done yet. 2) Entering into my 3rd trimester. I only have 5 and a half more weeks! Making it that far will really make this whole experience seems ‘real’ I think. I’ll probably take this little quizlet again when I hit that goal.


Just a little reminder…here’s where I started verses where I’m at now:

Thanks for reading!


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