Things for me when I’m done with the ‘wee’

So the past few days I’ve been in somewhat of a pregnancy funk. I have really started to show, after having a seemingly small ‘bump’ for a while. I was feeling really good about myself till this growth on the front of my body started to get larger. After having body issues for most of my life, freaking out about any subtle (or not) change in my body is to be expected. I’ve really tried to continue eating healthy (although this week I was a little lax), and trying to get back into exercise.

I started to think about things that I would love to do post-pregnancy…for ME. After nine months of sacrifice for the best thing that God could ever provide my husband and I, I see no reason to want a little something…right? Ha-ha. We’ll see how that changes once Emerson arrives. But, there’s not hurt in making a list of ‘wants’ after my little one comes about, so here we go!


First thing I’m going to do when I am cleared by the doctor: have the hardest workout of my life. I live to exercise. As written in my previous post, I love challenging my body and my muscles and making goals with my body. With pregnancy, activities can be restricted. I look forward to training, dropping baby weight, and toning. I know it’s going to be hard, as the hardest weight to lose in your life they say is pregnant fat. So we’ll see!

Second thing: Get tattooed. I was planning on getting started on some work on my upper arm when I found out I was pregnant. Since the risk of infection prevents me from getting any work done for nine months, I’ll be ready to get in that chair by November. Maybe my concepts will change by then, as I will have a whole new perspective on my life with little Emerson in my arms. I have been pretty committed to getting a quarter sleeve for a while now, and with the expected toning of my body as stated above, I have also started to contemplate a thigh piece. This will take further thought though, as my thighs have always been my “trouble area”.

Third thing: Launch my business. So far, my photography and prints have only been a ‘here and there’ kind of thing. I have not had the time to fully invest in my business, something that I’ve put on the back burner for years now for other life events (marriage, buying a house, having babies, all that good stuff…). When Emerson comes about, I’m really hoping I’ll be able to take that opportunity to reorganize and restructure, and really get settled on a long term plan and pursuit of my business.


What kind of things did you do for yourself after having ababy? Or are these unrealistic dreams in your opinion? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


One thought on “Things for me when I’m done with the ‘wee’

  1. your my favorite blogger 🙂 I will subscribe now. ps…you will get everything you want.

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