Weekend in Review

So this weekend was definitely an eventful one! Friday, Gavin and I decided to have a night to ourselves since he was gone for most of the week. We tried out a new Mexican restaurant, talked, and got caught up on True Blood. Saturday, I had a hair appointment with my sister-in-law, who did an amazing job. After that I wanted to go dress shopping at Forever 21, see if they had anything on sale, since I had an emotional breakdown the night before trying to find a dress that would actually fit my new pregnant body. I figured, “Hey, it’s the end of summer, they are probably making room for their fall line…they will probably have summer dresses on sale.” WRONG. Racks and racks of sweaters, cardigans, long sleeves, pants, etc…Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a cardigan fiend, and would typically be stoked at their selection. However, since it’s 115 degrees outside, and will not be cardigan weather till late September here in AZ (and I’m due in November), I REALLY wanted some light, summer dresses. After being sorely disappointed with Forever 21’s selection (although Gavin walked away with about six items), I tried the Motherhood store. HORRIBLE! The store was small, and hardly fashionable. I was almost offended at the grandma-esque styles, and cliché mu-mu-like attire that makes pregnant women look more like grounded sea whales. I know not all Motherhood Maternity stores are like that, and I like a lot of their clothes online, so this must have been a fluke or something. I ended buying a pair of jeggings (since I had a gift card) as I knew that would be something I would actually wear.

After the shopping fiasco, Gavin and I had a meeting with some fellow worship leaders/pastors to talk about Sunday’s service, and worship in general. After a few hours there, Gavin and I had to prepare for The Suburban Seed. This is a gathering that Gav started about a year ago, where we ‘take over’ a coffee shop for a night, and have local artists and musicians show their work and perform as a service to the community. In the West Valley, there is hardly any culture…Cookie cutter, HOA neighborhoods cover the landscape, and make finding anyone’s house hard to do (as everything looks pretty much identical). Within these suburban, upper-middle class/middle-class seas of housing communities, lay very talented and unique individuals who have so much to offer the community. How great would it be if we could infuse diversity, acceptance, and culture into the suburbs?!

But I digress…It was a success. Standing room only, many artists showed their work, the music great, and coffee delicious.  Did worship the next morning at my church, and the rest of the day progressed like most Sundays: Church, lunch and fellowship with friends, coffee with Gavin’s family, chores and/or napping, then volleyball (although I am not longer permitted to participate, as it is too hot, and too intense for me to play).  So instead, I did a prenatal leg work out from Babyfit.com. Just discovered the website, and I’m hooked. They have every resource you need to have a healthy and fit pregnancy.

Following my busy and active weekend (accompanied with intense heat and humidity), my pregnant body pulled in the reigns. I came home Saturday to this:

Tree trunks…not feet. (Marco and Lily playing next to me)

I had a prenatal appointment this morning, and asked the doctor about my swelling. Perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about, especially because everything else about me is normal. Perfect blood pressure, weight gain, baby growth, heartbeat, everything. I am so happy and feel so blessed to be having such an ‘easy’ pregnancy.  My next appointment will be the glucose test. BOO! I hate needles. I had to get blood work today because I am RH-, and it wasn’t too bad. But being pricked every hour after fasting! I feel bad for whoever accompanies me to that appointment…I’ll probably be heinous.

Well, hope you enjoyed my recap!


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