What’s Cookin’? Wednesdays!

I am excited to start working on one of my new weekly blog posts: What’s Cookin’? Wednesdays.

I LOVE cooking and baking, and it seems that people like what I make…So, it’s only natural for me to blog about it! I’m 100% self taught, other than things I picked up from the Food Network growing up, so I do not claim to be any sort of chef. But, hopefully I can share some of my recipes, tips, and ideas with you. Plus, it will let me continue to love something that has taken me forever to…Food.

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with food. After years of dealing with body issues, something that still lingers in my daily mindset, I have come to a place where I can accept food for what it is and have since learned to enjoy it. Although I do enjoy a good splurge every once in a while, I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, and very conscious of what I put into my body, especially now that I am pregnant. So, with health consciousness and taste buds in mind, bon appétit!!!


(recent yummies)


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