Hair on the brain

So, I have officially adopted the “Top Knot” into my hairstyle wardrobe. I do crazy things with my hair all of the time, and this one seems like it’s almost taking it back a knotch. Why wash your hair and style it, when you can just throw it on top of your head with this stylish do? I’m excited for many lazy mornings in which I utilize this glorious popular hairstyle.




I know last week I talked about potentially going dark again. I’m super excited for when I make the change back (but will only do it when my hair is long again). However, I have been contemplating keeping both…with ombre!!! Drew Barrymore has done this the best in my opinion, and has become a hair god to me.





What are your thoughts?



And, for anyone having a bad day…Look what habbit Lily picked up:


One thought on “Hair on the brain

  1. I think this is just the mother in you coming out. The bun on top is a total mom thing….hot mom that is.

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