Letters to Emerson.


You have been growing in my belly for twenty-four weeks now. You are about the size of an eggplant, and almost two pounds. I cannot believe that I can feel your kicks and movements already, it seems like just yesterday I left work early, shaking and panicked, to tell your daddy about your existence. That initial feeling of utter terror is now gone, and I am anxiously awaiting our introduction. I love holding you already. I love putting my arm under my now protruding belly, especially when you are moving around and adjusting. I secretly hope you can recognize my touch, and your movements are your response.

Your dad and I built your crib a few days ago. Putting together your future sleeping sanctuary just made your upcoming arrival so much more real to us. After completing our assembly, we just looked at your crib, imagining of what will be. We cannot wait till we bring you home, and put you down for your first nights slumber.

Dear baby, in 109 days or less, you will be here. My friends are excited to meet you too! This past weekend they all got together and worked on our shower. They are going all out in celebration of your birth, and making sure that I am one happy momma. I cannot wait for you to meet them, they are going to spoil you so, so much. Many of them have, or will have little playmates for you too. Thinking about raising you alongside my closest friends makes me feel so incredibly blessed. I hope that they will mentor, care for, love, and bless you as much as they have for your father and I.

These are just a few of the many words I cannot wait to share with you.

All my love,



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