Weekend Update

This weekend was another busy one! It flew by, even though it was two days longer than usual.

Although I cannot discuss the happenings of Fresno right now, I can tell you that I had the best latte since last November. Thank God for the small things in life…

Friday I went to my first scrapbooking meeting. I was invited by some of my girlfriends, and I had never scrapped before. I have a degree in art, so I have experience in collage and mixed media, so it came somewhat natural to me. I ended up having a few scrapbooking materials acquired over the years by accident, and ended up making a card for my friend’s birthday. I wish I would have taken a picture of it, because it was pretty baller if I may say so myself. After enjoying myself a little too much with the scrappers, I went to our neighborhood bar to celebrate Alecia’s birthday with my friends. Although I deeply enjoyed my water, I wanted to try a tasty treat my friend had called a breakfast shot. I’m not sure how our bar specifically made it, here is a website that has a way to make it. Apparently, it tastes like pancakes and bacon! I also snapped an updated photo of my preggo belly to update you guys with.

The twins at the bar.

Saturday was a go-go-go kind of day. Gavin and I slept in, and then woke up abruptly to an invite to go hiking and garage saling with our close friends, Joe and Sarah. Our garage saling was not successful, since we got suck a late start, but we enjoyed our brief hike, and then treated ourselves to lunch. We played with the pups in the pool for a bit, then when our friends took off, Gav and I did household chores. I deep cleaned my bathroom while he finished painting the nursery. I went so deep that I even cleaned the baseboards…I went a little overboard. But after a morning hike and cleaning our bathroom, my preggo body said, “ALL DONE,” and I crashed for twenty minutes before meeting our other friends for dinner.

Sunday, I had an early morning due to helping lead worship at church. I love Sunday mornings, and sharing in God’s worship with the whole body. Such a blessing. The rest of the day went as normal: lunch with friends, coffee with Gavin’s father, afternoon nap, and relaxation.

Hopefully I’ll have something interesting to write soon!


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