Pregnancy blog:

Time to give an update on pregnancy.

Physically, I’ve been feeling pretty great! Other than the normal aches, pains, and swelling, I’ve been feeling pretty energized. Every once in a while I won’t be able to sleep too well, due to late night pees, leg aches, and cramping, and that’ll cause me to be a little drowsy. But, a yummy latte fixes that right away! I’ve been trying to stay active, but with my busy schedule, it’s sometimes hard to fit in a workout. I’m not allowed to challenge myself the way I used to working out, and it’s a little hard to get accustomed too. I’ve been doing work outs provided by, which are created and performed by licensed pregnancy professionals and specialists.

I’ve also really grown in the past two-three weeks! Every time someone sees me, I get a belly comment. It’s astounding how fast things are moving! Only one more week till my third trimester (so crazy!). I am almost 27 weeks right now, and last I checked, I’ve gained 15 pounds. Although that’s more than I am comfortable with, I know that I have been eating fairly well-balanced and healthy (for the most part). I am not above where I should be, so I am okay with it. I also know I’ve started to swell, so much of that is water retention. I have the dreaded Glucose test on Monday, and took the day off work to ‘celebrate’. I do not do well with needles and getting my blood drawn, and the fact that I will be fasting does not help the situation. Not to mention, I have some errands that need to get done. My last appointment was very positive, my doctor said I was right where I should be, and there was nothing wrong. He also complimented my belly on its lack of stretch marks…*bows* All I can do is pray that it stays that way!

Emotionally, I have been on one heck of a roller coaster! One second I will be in my normal, neutral state, where I’m mostly chill, and just go with the flow of things. The next, I will be bouncing off of the walls, dancing around the house, and thinking I’ve come up with the best invention ever, Law and Order the Musical. Then I will crash into an utter three-day depression, where I do not want to be around anyone, or do anything, except nest. It has been quite irritating, as I am normally a pretty positive person. I enjoy being happy, and making others around me happy. However, getting out of these ‘funks’ has proven to be quite annoying and difficult, and the only person who seems to get me out of them is my husband. Thank GOD for him.

How is baby? Well, other than the fact he’s going to be a football player, he’s great! He’s been kicking me like crazy, to the point where you can see my belly move on the outside. He can now see (as his eyelids have seperated) and can hear all sorts of noise. It’s amazing the development that goes on inside without us knowing (unless you are glued to your next pregnancy update on your iPhone app…like me). Here’s how big baby is:

Do you/have you found yourself struggling with ups and downs lately? Is it the long summer weather? Are we ready for fall? Or are you pregnant like me? Or just on shark week? What do you do to cheer up?

LOL! Let me know!

Picture I took last year with a bowl under my shirt...who knew!


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