Fall Fun!

With Fall being only 36 days away (as indicated by the first Halloween costume I saw on television last night), I was inspired to start researching ideas for fall decor and fun! Here are some things that caught my eye:


These ADORABLE apple candles are such a great idea! I wonder if they smell as amazing as they look.


What a nice and easy way to dress up your door. I bet this would be fun thing to make with little ones.

Martha Stewart

I love wreaths (as passed down by my mother), and thought this was a unique way of making one out of fall leaves. But there’s a twist! The leaves are made out of paper with text on it!

Martha Stewart

You’re going to see a lot of Martha on this post…Her (and her helpers) come up with the greatest ideas! I saw this recipe (and simply eye-dazzling) Carmelized Apple Spice Cake, and think I may try to make it this season! You can see the recipe here.

Martha Stewart

Yes, another cake… This one is a Pear Cranberry Upside Down Cake. I am a sucker for cranberries (last year’s hit was the cranberry peach pie), and now I MUST try this recipe.

Martha Stewart

Oh Martha, so cute. This acorn mirror is simply adorable, and could stay up in your house all year!


This centerpiece caught my eye because of some apothecary jars that I have left over from my wedding. They’re sitting, empty, on top of my kitchen cabinets right now, but would look fantastic filled with these fresh spices and apples! I bet it smells great too!


I saw this wreath idea a few months ago, and have decided to make some. It looks so cute and simple…I may make ten. This could be an easy gift for a friend, just swap out the colors for theirs, or holiday colors, or whatever! Stoked on trying this one…



What are some fall/autumn ideas you’ve had? Anyone else getting the ‘itch’ for a change in season? Although I love monsoon, I’m a little over it, and ready to put some boots on and drive up north and pick out a pumpkin…

Me at the pumpkin patch in 2009

My First Thanksgiving last year.

Also, feel free to share any recipes or tips you have!


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