Countdown to so much!

Good golly time is FLYING!! I just did a quick review of how many days are left till some amazing upcoming events! Of course I didn’t include birthdays (other than Gavin’s), but please know friends, you have not been forgotten!


5 days…3rd Trimester

13 days…Labor Day

14 days…Pumpkin Spice Latte

20 days…Gavin’s Birthday

31 days…Autumn Begins

32 days…Baby Shower #1

62 days…Baby Shower #2

70 days…Halloween

71 days…Christmas Music (please stay true to me Clearchannel!)

84 days…Maternity Leave

87 days…Breaking Dawn

90 days…Due Date

94 days…Thanksgiving

95 days…Black Friday

124 days…Christmas Eve

125 days…Christmas


There are also some events that have not yet been posted! Holly has two annual get-togethers, the Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest (Winner two years in a row…cough cough), and the Annual Cookie Exchange. These are two of my favorite gatherings during the fall and holiday season, because I’ve been so blessed to share over eleven holiday seasons with her. And this year, we will share it with our children for the first time ever! GAH! So exciting to think about.

There are also the many festivities and things to do during these times! There’s going to the farms and picking one’s pumpkins…There’s going to see Christmas decorations and lights, just driving around the city…The Milem’s Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party…There’s a ton of baking and cooking…not to mention shopping!

I’m starting to grow impatient with time, and hope that it goes by faster than it already is. Maybe it’s the heat (113 degree is the high today…barf), but the hours and days go by slow, but the weeks/months fly!


Some fun pictures to reminisce…

Holly and I at her pumpking carving contest last year. She's 26 weeks pregnant in this photo!

Gavin and I at Glendale Glitters in 2009.

Gavin passing out candy last year.

Marco enjoying his first Christmas with us, unwrapping gifts.

Gavin and I enjoying our first married Christmas together last year.

Holly being a wonderful hostess at the 2009 Annual Cookie Exchange.

Marco being tempted at last years Thanksgiving.

My winning pumpking in 2009's Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest

Last year's Ugly Christmas Sweater Party


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