3rd Trimester Update

As I enter into my third trimester on Sunday (horrah!) thought I’d update this little survey I completed from my 22nd week!

Here is a little pregnancy quiz I took from Sometimes Sweet


How far along? Almost 28 Weeks

Total weight gain/loss? 20 pounds (UGH!) I was hoping my max would be 25 pounds, but alas, it’s not looking that way. I have been doing my ultimate best to eat healthily, so I know most of that 20 pounds is baby-ness. I will continue to excersize (when I can) and eat right.

Stretch marks? I said yes in my last update, and that confused some people. So far, I have not developed any stretch marks on my lower half…if that makes sense…I have some from general weight loss/gain in my youth, but like I said, they are hardly noticeable, and flesh toned. I may kick myself for sharing these details later…BUT in the interest of being completely transparent with you, I sacrifice my modesty for a fleeting moment.

Sleep? What is this ‘sleep’ you speak of? I’m up, either turning over, going to the bathroom, kicking out leg/hip cramps, every hour or so. I know it is only going to get worse, so I am thanking God for the limited naps I get now.

Best moment this week? Hmmm…I got my first, “You’re GLOWING,” from a complete stranger this week. It was very flattering, and a total boost to my confidence, as I’ve been battling a supersonic belly growth, as well as pregnancy breakouts for a few weeks now. To feel even remotely attractive to another human being is such a nice thing to hear.

Movement? You know what a Bumble Ball is? That’s what is going on in that growth in front of me. It’s crazy how intense the kicks are! Sometimes when I’m at work, I will look down and ask Em, “Uh, what is going ON down there?!” I am glad he is so active though, makes me happy to know he’s growing and strong.

Food cravings? FINALLY something to write about! I have not had many ‘cravings’ throughout my pregnancy, but now I am starting to want things in my daily diet. First, I have fallen in love with apples. Not that I did not like them before, but now, they are the best thing I could put in my mouth. Fruit in general has just been more appetizing to me. I keep a bag of dried cranberries with me at work to keep my sweet tooth at bay if I get the craving…well, two days ago, I had one bite and that bag was done for. I ate the whole thing! Better dried cranberries then potato chips I suppose.

Another craving I have been having is canned green beans. Not only are they super convenient for me to bring to lunch with me, but they are super cheap! I was slightly concerned about the amount of sodium and the actual nutritional value in canned vegetables, but after doing some research, I found that if you drain and rinse, it drastically reduces the amount of sodium you consume from the can! You can also help reduce the sodium by purchasing the reduced sodium veggies. And the nutritional value? Some researchers believe that canned veggies may have MORE nutritional value then fresh…say WHA??? I didn’t believe this (and still have my doubts), but apparently, canned vegetables have the shorted time lapsed from harvest to packaging, as apposed to fresh vegetables, which take hours/days to actually reach their final destination. I don’t know the validity in these statements, but I do not care TOO much. I just know that I’m getting plenty of veggies in my system (which means less junk!) and they taste good.

Belly button in/out? It’s still technically an ‘innie’! It is even more flat than my last post, even a little hard. Still concave though.

What I miss: I haven’t missed much lately. Sleep maybe? I have really enjoyed being pregnant the past few weeks. About two weeks ago I REALLY wanted to have an adult beverage, but that quickly passed.
What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to soooooo so much. I want to be able to hold my little guy in my arms! I am looking forward to having some time off to really focus on my family. Also, looking forward to spending the holidays with them!

Picture Update:

What was the most exciting thing you remember about going into your (or your significant other’s) third trimester? Were you getting scared? Share your thoughts!


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