It’s Friday…

It’s Friday…

Tonight is Ladies Night!!! We’ll be heading over to Top Shelf Mexican Cantina to chow down on some grub and play some games. I’ll post pics I’m SURE. Excited to spend time with ladies I do, and do not know so well. And, as always, eat. Ha!

Since I don’t have too much to talk about today, thought I’d share some browsing I’ve done the past few days:

Love seeing all of the Autumn and Fall Etsy Lists in the Treasury. Here are a few… 1..23

Urban Outfitters sent me an email with their new apartment stuff. I saw this little peach, and I think I may HAVE to have it.

Have been trying to get inspiration for my future maternity shoot. Found a style I really liked, now it’s a matter of finding a place.

My good friend, Kelly, has officially started her Football Friday blog segment! She is an avid Notre Dame fan, and is my football coach (as posted in previous posts, I am trying to get into football!). Check it out!

Cutest Maternity clothes I’ve found so far. Feel free to donate to my cause if you are feeling so generous…;)

I have curtain envy at Anthropologie. Those would look perfect in Emerson’s nursery.



After all of that, I thought of something to say. First of all, I really want to send out my prayers to the East Coast, who are rearing up for Hurricane Irene. I am personally affected by this storm, as 90% of my family live in Virginia, some of which who have medical conditions that would be drastically affected by any power outages or immobility. Lets hope this storm calms down, and ends up being a dud.

Washington Post


Meanwhile, we have a little storm a-brewing here in AZ. Chances of something actually materializing? Slim, but my hopes are high. Especially from this hair dryer heat we’ve been experiencing today. It literally feels like an oven. I’m bakin!

Image from

You see the “DVT” in the center with a blue “2” next to it? I live right there, and that gigantor storm (the bigger the number the bigger the storm) with hail is headed straight for us. FINGERS CROSSED!


Alright, that’s all! Have a great weekend folks!


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