Weekend in review


Just so you know, the storm on Friday totally fizzled, as usual. BOO!

Friday night was girl’s night. We enjoyed playing games, eating food, and chit chatting. I then proceeded to go home and fall asleep at 9 in the evening on a Friday. Ha!


Saturday, Gavin and I spent the day together. We had In-and-Out burger with the moms and purchased nursery items in the afternoon, and then made major headway in the nursery! Although it isn’t finished, here is a sneak peak!


After working on the nursery all day, we treated ourselves to a date night. We had Sauce for dinner, grabbed a latte, then saw Crazy, Stupid Love. It was a very cute movie, and I enjoyed looking at Ryan Gosling for a few hours. 😉


Sunday started off wonderful by singing worship with my friends at service. We grabbed lunch together at Paradise Bakery, and then Gavin and I worked on some household items. He retouched some painting mess-ups we’ve made over the past few months, and I worked on these for the nursery:


Thank you Goodwill, for being cheap, plus cheap. I picked up about a dozen frames for 11 bucks. Total steal. I had this paint lying around, and made these two frames for deco in the nursery.

We then had dinner and dessert with my parents, and watched the MTV Video Music Awards.


Speaking of, I totally want to recap, and give my two cents:



Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog

BEYONCE!: Congrats girl! I loved that Beyonce took the opportunity to just grab the rumor mill by the horns, and beat them to the punch by publicly announcing her pregnancy after a remembering Michael Jackson performance. It was totally classy, and totally surprising.


Source: theprophetblog

Adele’s performance: Did anyone notice that the girls actually sing, live, at the VMAs, and the boys don’t? Adele totally rocked her performance, even though she got jipped for awards. I would die for her voice, and although I do not think I can hear, “Rolling in the Deep,” one more time, I admire her as an artist.


Source: crushable.com

Jessie J performing with a broken leg: Holy crap! I was impressed by her commitment. I think she had the hardest job out of all of the performers, as she did not have to ‘perform’ one time, but EVERY commercial break! Live! No lip-syncing here. She’s very talented, and I love her.


Source: Billboard

Amy Winehouse’s memorial: Although I was not a HUGE fan of Amy Winehouse as a person, it’s hard to deny that her music was unique, and so was her voice. I thought MTV did a great job tastefully remembering her with Bruno Mars’ rendition of “Valerie,” (another bonus, I wasn’t forced to listen to Bruno Mars sing one of his songs…again). Russell Brand’s introduction of Amy’s memorial was well done, as MTV was not dishonest or ignorant of Amy’s addiction and problems, and acknowledged those ailments, as well as her success as a musician.




Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog

Tyler the creator: WHO? This artist got Best New Artist, and I had no idea who he was. I thought his acceptance speech was tasteless and foul, addressing it to small children, but you couldn’t understand any of the speech because it was censored to a point that I could only hear a, “the,” every few seconds or so.


Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog

Lady Bro-Ga?: When I see Lady Ga-ga, I expect obscure fashion, craziness, and maybe some blood. I do NOT want to see her in full man clothes.  Bor-ing.  Plus her man alter ego was annoying. Boo. This is the Gaga I want to see:

Source: ufammink.com


I’m confused:


Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog

Katy Perry’s cube hat: Huh? I love Katy Perry’s positive attitude, spunk, and outrageous style, but I didn’t get the cube hat. Her boo looked a little confused by it also.


Source: MTV Buzzworthy Blog

Nicki Minaj’s attire: I don’t even know what to say here…



What did you think about the VMAs??? Better than previous years? Worse?


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