Rainy day Friday!


I am finally getting an overcast, rainy day!! It’s more of a sprinkle, but here in Phoenix, that’s big news!! Bad news about it being an overcast, rainy day? Contractions…Not only did I have the most bizarre dreams and awful sleep last night (had a dream that I mysteriously had triplets)…but this morning for about two hours, I was having consistent, painful contractions, about seven minutes apart. I was a little worried to be quite honest. Being a first time mom comes with all of these new feelings, sensations, problems, aches, pains, etc. that you’ve never experienced before. I have no idea what a ‘contraction’ genuinely feels like! I have nothing to go by other than ten years of monthly gifts. But after talking with some girlfriends with experience, I concluded I was experiencing contractions, and they hurt.

After working in Labor and Delivery for a few years, and my mom working as an OBGYN Nurse for almost 30, I am fully aware that rainy days throw pregnant women for a whirl, and they all start going into labor. Cloudy days were always the busiest. Some say it’s the barometric pressure that does it. I’m no scientist…However, I can tell you I would love to have my baby on a rainy day. I love the rain, I love all types of precipitation. Why do I live in Arizona? God only knows…ha!


So ready for the long weekend. This work week definitely dragged, and I have found myself physically and mentally exhausted. Plans this weekend? Not much. Saturday I’m getting coffee with the bestie, then watching the Notre Dame game with the Milems. Should be a nice afternoon with football, close friends, and food.  Sunday and Monday? No plans…thank the Lord. I can focus on baby stuff, relaxation, the husband, photography, and let my mind and body decompress. Although, I would like to catch a coffee or two with some good lady friends.

Exciting things coming up next week???

Source: Starbucks

Pumpkin Spice Latte!!

Source: Onsugar.com

Ombre Hair!

Gavin and Lance’s birthday!


Here are some fun things I’ve seen around this week!

Source: Shopredvelvet.com

I cannot wait to get skinny again so I can look good in adorable dresses like this from The Red Velvet Shop. The style also reminded me of fall, and excited me for the clothing I will be able to pull out of my closed. Colored tights…here I come!

I’ve been searching Etsy for some fabric to make Emerson’s nursery curtains out of. I’ve had horrible luck finding anything remotely affordable. Gavin and I tried a simple white curtain last weekend, and the room definitely needs a pop of color. Not to mention the curtain we bought was drastically smaller than the measurements provided… Click on the picture to follow the link to the etsy page.

Source: Coffee Mate

This is my ultimate addiction…Peppermint Mocha coffee creamer by Coffee Mate is definitely my favorite. They make it year round now (thanks you Jesus), but I’ve only been able to find it at Fry’s Grocery Store (Krogers for those on the East Coast). Try it out!

Source: DoeOrTheDeer

One of the blogs that I follow, The Doe or the Deer, had an adorable spot on how to make a fabric garland. I’m tempted to make something like this for Emerson’s nursery.

Another print I have found on Etsy that I have found to be utterly adorable and appropriate for Emerson’s nursery. I may go overboard…

This is a hilarious ’email thread’ that has been going around the internet. I laughed out loud at work when I first read it, prompting some people around me to look at me with confusion. Read it. If you do any kind of design, art, or contract work for anyone, you’ll understand.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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