Weekend Review

Labor Day weekend was a blast! It was very relaxing, to the point where Gavin and I did not know what to do with ourselves (a highly unusual event).

Weekend highlights:

Coffee with Holly. We don’t get a lot of one-on-one time anymore with our busy schedules and babies now in the picture, so it was really nice to have that. She also hooked me up with an early Pumpkin Spice…Awesome.

Grocery Store trip! I know…I know…sounds weird right? I had the BEST experience at the grocery store ever! I had at least a handful of people approach me and ask me about my pregnancy (How far along are you? When is your baby due?) as well as other random comments (you look great! What a cute belly!). I was sooooo flattered, and just put me in a preggo-high. I then proceeded to take my groceries to the car, and a young, teenage grocery employee offered to put all of my groceries in the car for me! I was so stoked (and grateful…I had 4 12-packs of soda, and 2 gallons of chlorine in the 100 degree heat) that this young girl offered to do that for me! I know she is not obligated to. She also congratulated me, and I was just astounded by her politeness. Maybe I’m just cynical, but I haven’t experienced this type of neighborly love in so long!

Football! Although ‘my team’ didn’t win (postponed twice due to weather) I enjoyed throwing some food together for everyone, and just hanging out with Gavin, Doug, and Megan. Again, more close friends I do not see as often anymore. So grateful to have that time with them. Gavin and I are trying to persuade them to move into our neighborhood, even though they’re just now finishing up updates on their current home.

Reupholstering ‘the chair’. Gavin and I did our first reupholstering job! We had no instructions or experience, we just sort of winged it! I will post about that this week sometime. It looks great!

Having an extra day off with my husband to do nothing. Yesterday, I woke up early to surprise Gavin with a homemade breakfast (Cinnamon French toast with scrambled eggs). We then just did random, unplanned browsing as well as Chick-Fill-A for lunch. We later went to the Allen’s for a bbq, and it was nice just to relax and chat the afternoon away with friends and food.  Gav and I then just sat in bed the rest of the night, watching TV, reading, talking, and relaxing. It was wonderful.

A few pics:

28.5 Weeks

The finished chair

Emerson deciding to hang out on one side of my body.

Putting me feet up while shopping.

Gav snapping a photo of me playing with my dog.


Tonight…I go OMBRE!!! Wish me luck!


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