Chair and more!

So as mentioned, over Labor Day weekend, Gavin and I did our first re-upholstering job. As it was our first, I did not do the best job documenting it for DIY purposes…I apologize… But, learning experience for next time!

Items needed:

Ugly chair

Heavy Duty Staple gun

heavy-duty staples

3 yards of fabric


foam/material for stuffing

We started off by taking off the arms. We had to in order to manipulate the innards of the chair.

Next, we started taking off the back of the chair. We needed to do this in order to see how others had upholstered this chair in the past.

Another hidden fabric of re-upholsteries past…

Instead of taking off all of the fabric that was on the chair and dealing with the dusty, hot mess of nastiness that was underneath it, we just put fabric and stuffing on top of it. This was actually very helpful in the sense that cutting the fabric was easier. Here is a shot of the stuffing added on top of the fabric. We stapled in a ‘zig zag’ pattern, so that the tension would be dispersed.

Close up of the zig zag.

Here is a few steps later…sorry! We purchased a grey corduroy fabric to re-do our chair. We had two yards of fabric, and cut it in half (after properly measuring…your chair may be different). We stapled the fabric taught underneath the chair, and did a nice fold on the corners. To pull it tought, there was a ‘flap’ that had to be pushed through the back. Details further down…

To stuff the top, we removed the buttons, and added stuffing behind the fabric that was there.  We would have put it on top, but my dogs decided that the stuffing would be a nice play toy, so it was not in the nice, prepackaged sheets I had purchased them in…It worked out nicely to put it behind the springs.

We then added the other yard of fabric to the front.

Being precise with the fold and stapling…

We had to pull ‘flaps’ of fabric through the butt of the seat and staple them to the frames of the chair to make the fabric taught.

We had to then trim off some extra fabric.

We then put back the arms of the chair.

There was some marking and measuring that had to be done, to find the accurate place for screw holes.

Adding the other arm…

We then added the back panel of the chair. One can either pre-sew with a seem and attach with small stitches, or just do what we did: find a bold pattern, and just staple it to the back with a seam, and the staple is hardly noticeable because the boldness of the fabric (it’s going to be against a wall anyway…)

There it is! A finished rad chair! Just need to spray some Scotchgaurd on it, and we’re good to go!

It was fun to do this with Gavin. The chair looks great in the nursery!

And now to finish with an updated preggo pic…29.5 weeks!

Oh? Notice anything? Yes…that is my new ombre hair!


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