Hello Everyone!


I hope you’re all ready for the weekend! This weekend should be a busy one for me. Gavin’s birthday is on Monday, and we will be celebrating for most of the weekend. Tonight he is dove hunting with his friends. Tomorrow, we are doing lunch and dinner with family, then seeing the new movie, Contagion. Sunday we’ll be doing church and coffee as usual, then seeing friend, Josh Reibock, speak at Pure Heart Church. He’s a vibrant speaker, new writer, and has some fantastic ideas about current Christian ideals. Monday, Gav and I will be hitting up the Rhythm Room to see Brett Detar. Chock full of plans! And, to top it off, tonight and all day tomorrow it’s supposed to rain! Yay!


Today, I decided to be weird, and bring myself a can of Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup to work today, in hopes it would make it feel more fall-like. Success! However, I haven’t been outside in a few hours. I am actually putting my wheat saltines down for a moment (dipping them in broth…nom) to write this. Then I thought, what the heck? Why don’t I make my own chicken noodle soup? I fricken love the stuff! I found this recipe which looks easy and divine.


Some other things I found this week…


A Beautiful Mess had a genius project here. They took a regular table, and spray painted a lace finish on it. Simple, but so classy and cute.


I did some brief wish list shopping for fall/winter clothes at Urban Outfitters. Only the beginning and I’m hoping I can fit into normal clothes in a decent amount of time post-baby.


I was really inspired by the positivity that mommy blogger Melissa showed in her announcement of her baby’s newly discovered vision disability.  She’s one of my favorite blogs to follow, I encourage you to do the same!


I’m still dying to get my hands on this Petunia Pickle Bottom bag


Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!


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