Weekend Update/Pregnancy Update



Well weekends are never long enough in Kendall’s world. Friday we went out for The Darveux’s, who are expecting their first child. We ate dinner with some of our closest friends on the patio of the cheapest sports grill of all time. We then headed over to their place for the boys to go outside and swim, and the girls to stay inside and talk babies. It was nice to just have a relaxing chat night.

Saturday, I made an attempt at sleeping in. However, with Gavin’s early arise (which usually NEVER happens before me), and my constant potty trips, I was still up at the normal time I wake up for work. I tried to get my day started, but ended up taking a mid-morning nap, and naps are never as fulfilling as nighttime slumber. I got a weird feeling that I should actually try to look nice that day, so I took my time getting ready, and put curlers in my hair for the first time in, over a year I believe. My hair still being this awkward mid-length that it is (still regretting the day I chopped off over a foot of long dark hair), the curls were very Annie-esque, and I ended up pulling half of it back. Gavin ended up liking the style, and told me I looked pretty. SUCCESS! Ha-ha.

I ended up craving a Costco hotdog of all things in the world, so Gavin and I headed there for lunch and to pick up a few items. We enjoyed our cheap lunch, and spent time wandering around Costco. It had been almost a year since our last trip to Costco to actually shop, so we took our time and enjoyed it. Their Christmas section was already out, which made me a happy girl.

After Costco I was having a crazy urge to bake, and threw some ingredients in my bread maker really fast before picking up my mom from work. When I got home, my house smelled incredible. Even though the bread wasn’t very good (just googled a quick recipe, and it was a fail), the smell made the rest of the night quite nice. Gavin and I did some various chores around the house: Me, taking photos of products for my upcoming Etsy store and organizing Emerson’s nursery…Gavin, building a bathroom shelf-thing and maintaining our pool. We stayed in and ordered a pizza, [finally] finishes Season 4 of True Blood, and watched Everything Must Go. It was nice to have somewhat of a date night in.

Sunday, we woke up early to get to church. I was on the worship team that morning, playing keys, and unexpectedly asked to sing. No problem! Always a blessing to be part of it. After church we had a, “New to Copper Hills,” lunch at our pastor’s home, where we enjoyed Mexican food, the Cardinals game, and each other’s company.

Sundays are notorious for afternoon naps, so when I got home, I crashed for a few hours. I finished my evening by working on some wedding photos, and watching the SVU marathon.


This morning I had my 31 week appointment. It was something that I was actually looking forward to and super excited for, but ended up getting super stressed and upset over. Holly joined me to my appointment since Gavin couldn’t go. I arrived at my appointment at 740, and my appointment was supposed to start at 8. At 830 I was finally given a room, and they did not have a 3D Ultrasound scheduled. Holly was like, “EXUSE ME,” and they said they’d get me in. I didn’t know this, but Holly had to leave at 910. Unbeknownst to me, my doctor had to run over to the hospital to deliver a baby. At 950 I was finally seen by the PA (not my Dr).  My appointment was rushed and uncomfortable (since I wasn’t with my usual guy), not to mention I’m pretty sure the air conditioning wasn’t turned on…I was sweating! When that was done, I had to go to the waiting room and wait another five minutes for the ultrasound. The next disappointment…When I get the ultrasound done, the tech informs me that I have an anterior planted placenta (nothing medically concerning), which makes 3D pictures very difficult to do because the baby’s face is closer to the placenta than usual. UGH! So, I could hardly see Emerson. This was the best photo I got, and the tech informed me that it would be the best 3D of my pregnancy, because it would only get harder to get pics the further I got into pregnancy because of the placenta and his size.

I was soooooo aggravated by that point (by then I had started to get contractions and was starting to have some pain). I felt super defeated and wanted to just go home and mope. But, I ended up getting over the morning’s inconveniences, and focused on the positives:

I passed my glucose test. My weight it right on track. My belly measurements were perfect. My blood pressure was perfect. My baby had a strong heartbeat (141)…I don’t really have anything I should be complaining about. I have a healthy baby boy in my belly that I will have in 9 weeks or less.

These next few weeks are going to be crazy insane preparing for baby with all of life’s other commitments…


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