Tomorrow’s a big day!

I cannot believe it is here! Tomorrow is my [first of two] baby shower[s]! I am so, So, SO excited to celebrate the birth of my baby with my closest friends. I know they have put so much time and effort into making it perfect for me, and I couldn’t appreciate it more.

I don’t know where the past 7 months have gone! It just seems like yesterday that Megan and I were in the bathroom at work, both standing in the handicap stall, waiting for the pee-stick to flash, “Pregnant,” or, “Not Pregnant.” That was in March. I remember it vividly… Megan and I were worried that I was, “Late,” so we drove across the street to pick up a two-pack of tests. We tested right away, even though I didn’t have a fresh morning wee. The first test failed because the digital tests are apparently way too scientific for us. The second test we got right, and both froze while we waited for the stick to give us the result. We both let out a giant, “GASP,” when it flashed, “Pregnant,” and Megan laughed in excitement, while I started sweating in angst and nervousness. Gavin and I weren’t trying to get pregnant, so the news was definitely a surprise. I immediately panicked thinking about how I was going to tell him. I ended up leaving work, saying I had a family emergency. For some reason I was terrified to tell Gavin. I knew that he would never be angry at me for this unexpected gift, but for some reason I was still scared. I called him at work, and told him I wanted to bring him lunch…This should have been a dead giveaway that something was up, considering my work is a good 20 miles away from his, and I didn’t tell him that I had taken the rest of the day off, so he thought I was doing this over my one-hour lunch break. Oh, the naivety of men…So, I picked up a card, filled all sides of it with words, picked up his favorite meal from Arby’s, and paid him a visit at work. I told him to read the card first. As I sat there, stiff as a board, meticulously observing his face for any sort of emotion or reaction, he read the card. It took him a few moments to fully absorb what I had just informed him. He was anything but mean, and hugged me with nervousness and eyes wide. Gavin was just as uneasy as I was of the news, but made me feel confident in knowing that he would be there to support me every step of the way. We both knew that this would be a whirl wind for us, and that we would have no idea what we would be doing the next few years of our lives. We congratulated each other, and after force feeding himself because he could hardly stomach his food after such news, he took a half day as well. We ended up spending that afternoon together, swimming and relaxing in our pool, and reading, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

That evening, after telling my mother-in-law the news, I came home to a giant wrapped package on my front door step. It was a gift from Megan, with an encouraging card. Her support, along with the support of my friends, has been completely wonderful for me the past half-year. Being pregnant for the first time can be a very scary experience for some women. I was so terrified at first…Am I ready to be a parent? What does this mean for me and Gavin? How is my life going to change? What if something happens to me/Gavin/baby? How are we going to afford this? Etc, etc, etc… But my friends have literally been the backbone to every step of this pregnancy. So, to celebrate with them tomorrow the arrival of Emerson will surely be an emotional experience. From Holly, who’s been my best friend of 11 years, who, “Called dibs,” on planning my shower the second she found out I was pregnant-to Sarah, who has been such a blessing of support and encouragement and has been my pregnancy cheerleader-to Megan, who found out with me and has been a such a great friend to Gavin and I pre-pregnancy and beyond- to all of my other close friends who have stood by me and surrounded me with positivity. I cannot thank everyone enough for all they have given me, and I cannot imagine going through this pregnancy without them.


After being pregnant for a while and getting over the initial shock of, “OH MY GOSH I AM HAVING A FRICKEN BABY,” I got used to it. I am so incredibly excited to be a mother. God has used this experience to completely change my perspective on life, for the better. I cannot tell you all of the changes in exact detail, because many of them are subtle. But, it is truly amazing how the gift of new life can affect you. I am crazy-mad in love with my child already, and have considered the past 7 and a half months to be a miracle. I know that Gavin and I are up for some challenges ahead, but the positives out way the difficulties that may come. Thank you God, for all that you have given me and my family, and I appreciate the support and love that you have given us through our friends and loved ones.


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