I didn’t share any links last week, so I thought I would today!

Even though it is now officially Fall, Arizona is still giving us over 100 degree weather…and it sucks.

Next week it’s supposed to drop down into the 90s, and the week after into the 80s…We’ll see.

In honor of my anxious anticipation for something under the temperature of scalding, I did some research, and found some [more] fall goodies to share with you.

This blogger has an amazing recipe site, and I love how simple and tasty they are. I am going to try this next.

Although it’s going into fall, I can still try this with maybe a velvet scarf?

Our friends, Joe and Sarah, had us over Sunday night for dinner. She made me homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, and I was done for. The fall soup craze had been initiated, and must be fed. Woman’s day had a slue of tasty looking recipes here.

Francesca’s always teases me with their adorable clothing. Here are three things I would like to get, asap. 123

As my due date grows near, I need to start mentally preparing myself for post-baby-body. I am nervous that I will be disappointed with how much weight is gone after the baby and his ‘items’ have been removed. I know I need a little ‘sumthin’ to get breastfeeding an advantage, but I’m still freaking out on the inside. I’ve started to do some research, and BabyFit has come to my rescue again. Here is a link to an article on post-partum exercise and what and when things are appropriate.

I know it’s not a lot this week. I’ve been so busy, it’s hard to keep up. I promise I’ll post more soon. I’m awaiting the photos from my baby shower that was on Saturday. It was so beautiful, the girls did an amazing job. I have most of my nursery done now, as the girls made me so much stuff to decorate with! I will post some pictures of that soon as well.

Tonight Gavin and I have our second birthing class at the hospital. I am looking forward to it!



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