Wonderful weekend! [Image heavy]

This weekend was a blast! I’m still on a high from it!

Friday night was the only somewhat bummer day. I had a spat of sciatica, and was unable to walk comfortably. I ended up not being able to go out for my friend’s CD release show, and felt super bad about it. I did end up getting some much needed rest and relaxation though.

Saturday morning we got up early to hit up my childhood neighborhood for their semi-annual garage sale! I only ended getting a bunch of baby clothes and a basket, but it was fun to hang out with Gavin and Sarah, and get a ton of walking in my day. One of the pieces I nabbed not for myself, but for all of my Social-D friends out there. I’m not particularly a fan, but a lot of my friends are. So, here is a onsie they can fight over when I’m through with it…

After sale-ing, we grabbed authentic Mexican food, as is tradition. After a delicious green chilli chicken burro from Carambas!, we went on a much needed grocery trip. I ran into this beauty when I walked in:

An Autumn themed Christmas tree! How creative! I loved it so much, and it made me incredibly happy. I grabbed a ton of stuff to make fall foods with, as well as the necessities. After spending the most on groceries since I had been married, Gav and I grabbed ourselves some root beer floats. We were going to make this Saturday completely random and special.

Gav ended up napping for a few hours, and I went into super-nest-mode. I deep cleaned the kitchen, getting every nook and cranny with cleaner (I know I know…I probably shouldn’t be around it, but it had to be done!). I also did a few loads of dishes and reorganized a few things. I lit a fall candle and listened to old school music on the cloudy afternoon. It was perfect…

Once Gavin woke up and started doing yard work, I decided to embark on a cooking challenge. I found a recipe for apple-cranberry stuffed pork loin that I wanted to try, so I started to make that, pumpkin bread, with carrots and spinach for dinner. Two and a half hours later, the masterpiece was finished. It was a wonderful meal, but after all that preparation, I didn’t even want it anymore! Crazy how that works sometimes…

After cleaning up my dinner mess, I went to Sarahs for girls night. We watched Twilight and chatted. I called it an early night as I had to wake up early to help with worship the next morning.

Sunday, I helped with worship, enjoyed the church message, then headed to Doug and Megans for lunch and the Cardinals game. What fun that was! I miss being at Doug and Megan’s place at all hours. Gavin used to live with them a few years back, so needless to say I was there a lot. I miss those days! After the party, Gavin had to work on homework for most of the day while I worked on photos. I stayed in for the rest of the evening while Gavin played volleyball.

Monday morning I had my 33 week appointment! I wasn’t expecting an ultrasound, but they called me back. I was super bummed out the last appointment because it was super later (over two hours), I was in a hot room, and my ultrasound turned out horrible because of my baby’s placenta blocking the view! This time, she sat me down, and on the first try got this amazing image.

I lost it! It was such a clear and perfect picture of my baby boy! I was so happy to be able to see him in such detail. Everyone is saying he has my lips… which I’m okay with. I am okay with how mine look. I was so happy with the appointment so far. They asked me the general questions and after informing them of some mild contracting, they decided to check my cervix. Nothing. Zero effaced, Zero dilation. That’s good for 33 weeks. We don’t want to be too pre-term! Then after discussing some other symptoms I had been having, the doctor decided to admit me to the hospital to check for blog clots in my left leg. Having a sedentary desk job makes my feet swell pretty bad and I had been having some pain in that leg, so they decided better safe then sorry. I got a fully ultrasound, and it was fine. Thank goodness! Again, better safe then sorry! In celebration, Gavin and I grabbed lunch at one of my favorite places, Paradise Bakery (Panera Bread). I was in such a fantastic mood, there was no way I could find myself drowning in work. Half the day was over by that point, so I called in. I ended up being super productive and mailing a few items, cleaned out extra bedroom, folded about 4 baskets worth of clothing, napped, and picked up my prescription and a few other items at Walgreens. Later that evening I had a church plant meeting with the Core Team. It was a very nice evening and day.

Today I am back at work, they day is going somewhat quickly, and a storm’s coming. Take a look:

Mind you this is on the one year anniversary of Arizona’s most destructive hail storm. Here are some pics to look back upon:

(Top Left to Bottom) Some of the hail in comparrison to my hand - hail outside of my work - Tornado watch

(Top Left to bottom right) Demolished full can of PBR that was left outside - one of our broken windows - flooded streets in Phoenix - My coworkers car(which represented the majority at my work)

To top off the perfect weekend and first two days of the week, Gavin and I have our third birthing class tonight! We will be covering the topic of recovery…should be interesting!

I have received some of my baby shower pics back! I will post soon!


Some randoms:

One of the many beautiful handmade items Emerson has received. A blanket from my Aunt Linda who's 85 year old mother in law hand made for my babe.

32.5 Week pic


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