Time to finally post some updates!

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First of all, my shower! I do not have all of the pictures yet, but here are a few from Megan…

Beautiful Decorations

Top Left to Lower Right - Holly and I (best friends of 11 years), My mother and I, Megan and I, Rebecca Jen and I

Left Top to Right Bottom: Me receiving a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag, The measurement game, Sarah and Holly, Babies!

It was perfectly lovely, and I was able to use many of the decorations in my nursery!

Speaking of decorating, October is almost half way over ALREADY (where is the time going!?) and I’ve started getting in full-fledged fall mode. I have started to bake and cook with autumn ingredients, as well as decorate my desk for Halloween.

Recipe here.

Recipe here.

This past Friday was my dear friend, Kelly’s birthday. She had a pretty rough week last week, so it was such a blessing to get together with her, and some of our closest friends to celebrate her special day together. We went to a fabulous restaurant called Chibo in Downtown Phoenix. Afterwards, all of the people who were going to Mexico the next day went home to prep, while the Milems and Lindermans visited First Fridays. What a disappointment! It used to be a lot more secluded and intimate (from what I hear, this was my first time) where local musicians and artists were the primary focus. However, this almost seemed like I was at the fair! I was excited to go because it was Zombie Walk 2011, and there were hardly any ‘zombies’. It was mostly 12-16 year old teens, dropped off by their parents being babysat by Phoenix policemen. It was terribly crowded, and now taken over by mainstream products and advertisements. Although there was a lot of art and local vendors, I did not appreciate the event, and was very disappointed. I would have been super stoked if the youngsters and other viewers were there to enjoy the artists and local culture, but instead, it seems like the new mall replacement for the first Fridays of the month, perfect for loitering and child molesters…I watched a guy walk around the place, alone, and make moves on multiple teenagers. I almost had my husband and friend intervene at one point, where this man was trying to corner a young gal, but fortunately she was able to get away. Just awful. Anyway, I did enjoy spending some time with my friends.

Upper Left to Lower Right - (All at Chibo)Gavin and I, Megan and I, Megan Sarah Holly and I

Upper Left to Lower Right - (All at Chibo) Kelly and Eric, the Birthday Girl!, The group.

Upper Left to Lower Right - Ghost Busters and Megan and I (Thanks for the warning Doug), Me and Emerson!, Gavin and I - CAN YOU NOTICE MY SWELLING?!

After walking all around Downtown Phoenix in flats, my pregnancy symptoms went haywire. My feet looked like they were literally spilling out of my shoes. The swelling continued throughout the weekend, and also resulted in some sciatic problems. My left leg buckled a few times, and I had some ‘pitting edema’. I’m keeping a close eye on all of my symptoms, and will be quick to respond if anything comes up again. After resting on Sunday, my symptoms subsided some. My feet and hands are still stupid swollen (I feel naked without my wedding ring…), but not as bad as they were over the weekend, and I’m not feeling as uncomfortable and do not have nerve issues. Here was last weeks picture update:

33.5 Weeks

Other third trimester preggo symptoms: Exhaustion. I heard it was coming, and did not fully grasp it till last week. I literally find myself dozing off at work multiple times a day, and struggling to get enough energy to do simple tasks.

Weekend nap with dogs. Unable to function.

Tired eyes, swollen lips

Well, I feel like my blog has been neglected lately due to my overall business and lack of documentation of events. I will do my best to keep more active, as this somewhat keeps me sane…not to mention I enjoy it!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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