Almost 35 weeks!

Here is the pregnancy quiz update!

How far along? Almost 35 weeks.

Total weight gain/loss? Honestly, I don’t even know anymore. Once I hit the 28 pound mark, I stopped caring. I know I’m going to lose it all anyway, and I was just beating myself up over every ounce I put on. Baby is taking all control now, I did my best!

Stretch marks? Still none! Either I have good genes, or my religious nightly application of Cocoa butter has done the trick.

Sleep? Oh gosh…Sleep is such a luxury these days, and I know it will only increase in value once baby is here. I still go to the bathroom constantly. A ton of you have given me the advise of not drinking after 6-7 in the evening, but I just CANNOT do it. I’m a constant water drinker, and even drink water throughout the night. I am sometimes lucky enough to get a night where I only have 1-2 bathroom runs.

Best moment this week? Today has been the best ‘moments’ of the week. Although I look absolutely wretched, I am feeling so incredible! My emotions and body have been beat up lately, so it is very refreshing to have a day so full of positive energy (yes…energy! ). I have struggled to stay awake the entire work day. I have an 8-5 desk job, and keeping a high energy level all day is very difficult. Although my job is not physically demanding, mentally I am still exhausted, and being pregnant just drains me.

Movement? Emerson is still kicking! All of my apps and books say that fetal movement should have been decreasing because he doesn’t have as much room. However, I feel him MORE because he is bigger and stronger! I get more defined movements instead of more generalized bulges. At times I think, “Was that an elbow? Was that a foot?” Sometimes I’ll get a good kick in the bladder or intestines, and have to quickly escort myself to the restroom. hahaha.

Food cravings? None. I have noticed a change in my food preferences though. I was craving all things healthy, and it’s switched 100%. I am now craving all things dessert. I want root beer floats, candy, anything baked.

Belly button in/out? We are still an innie! I cannot believe it. It’s been teetering on the edge of flat for weeks now!

What I miss: I am officially at the point where I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. Braxton Hicks have been more frequent, more intense, and more painful. Like I mentioned earlier, I have been incredibly exhausted, which affects all sorts of areas in my life: my mood, my body, my emotions. Plus, I am just getting incredibly anxious to meet my baby. I started concentrating and thinking about him this morning on my drive to work, and almost started bawling thinking about meeting his beautiful baby face.

What I am looking forward to: I am looking forward to meeting Emerson still. And not being pregnant. I want to be skinny again and work out. I know it sounds pathetic, and utterly selfish and vain, but I want to be completely transparent with this blog.  I’ve been staring at pre-pregnancy photos longing for defined abs, hip bones, and muscle tone again. I look forward to vigorous workouts and [continued] healthy eating. I want to be a hot mom and wife. BAM!

Picture Update:


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