Thursday = yay!

Today is proving to be a splendid day already!

My work day has flown by so far. Then, I was surprised by my lovely friend Sarah when she came by my work to get lunch! So good to see her. She, along with a few of my other friends, have been out of town, and I am SO GLAD they are home safe and sound! She also gave me her portion of baby shower photos! Here are a few:

Mylisha (27 weeks here) and I (31 weeks here) - Megan, Emily, and my guests! - Holly and I playing the purse game - Sarah's AMAZING cupcakes!


My belly, and my reaction to seeing my shower!


Not to mention, I haven’t felt exhausted today! I’ve been full of [positive] energy, and have just felt darn-right amazing. I hope this lasts, but know with pregnancy, it may be fleeting. I have been in a lot of pain today, but it’s easy to forget about when I’m in such a fabulous mood.


I am also glad it is Thursday because it is the night we have our weekly Missional Community. We get together with a group of individuals who seek to further their relationship with not just God, but one another. We eat together, study the Word together, and live our lives together. It has been such a blessing to be part of this family of people, and I look forward to not only just see them Thursday nights at my house, but throughout the week.


And, to top it off, last night, I got an adorable pic of my youngest pup, Lily, sleeping with a little snaggle tooth. If I ever get down, I can just pull this up and it will put a smile on my face. LOVE my dogs – Enjoy!




Tomorrow is Friday!


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