Lots of updating!

So this weekend was a fantastic weekend! I know I’m a little late to blog, but it’s been a crazy hectic week!

We went to Flagstaff with The Milems on Saturday to just spend some much needed quality time with them, and take maternity pictures! They have been dabbling with photography for a while, and offered to take photos for us as practice. It was a grand time, and I love them dearly. Here is a quick snap of what our day looked like, and a sneak peak of some of the maternity pictures that will soon be posted (after editing).


Monday was my first of my weekly appointments with my doctor. It went very well, and I am excited to announce that baby is making progress! The anticipation is now growing soooooo thick as we were told that Baby Emerson is growing about a week ahead of schedule, and that I am already 40% effaced! May I remind you that I am 35 weeks? I am excited that Emerson is on his way, and is head down, ready to come out at any time!

I actually stayed home from work Tuesday due to having contractions and headaches. I thought I had felt the worst of it till yesterday. Yesterday I was having consistent contractions, and almost went to the hospital to be checked out for pre-term labor. Fortunately, things subsided after a large meal, a lot of walking, and some breathing. Lets see how things progress!

Gavin and I also completed birthing/nursing/parenting classes! We have graduated from novice know-nothings to expert swaddlers and nursers. The classes were very helpful, and we met some amazing couples (along with some I’m a little worried about. Haha!) Gavin has really stepped up with daddy duty lately, as well as husband duty. Yesterday, he felt so bad that I had to come to work with such painful contractions that he brought me these…what a stud.

Today is one month till Emerson’s due date…I cannot believe how fast time has flown. It seems like he’ll be here any minute. With painful contractions, effacing, and the knowledge that my due date is so close, my anxious anticipation of his arrival is literally overflowing my thoughts. I am passed the stage of being stressed about what needs to be done…it’s like it almost doesn’t matter. I just want to hold his little body in my arms. Like I said before, he could come at any minute, and that just makes my heart want to jump out of my chest!


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