Friday post.

So it’s Friday already!

Big plans this weekend! Tonight, Gavin and I will be getting dinner with my parents, then heading over to the Milems to celebrate our friend, Ole’s, birthday.

Saturday will be filled with Suburban Seed preparation, however I probably will be more hands off this time. I’ve been pretty active in it’s preparation the past, however, as I am almost 9 months pregnant, I will not be much help, and probably shouldn’t be standing for a significant periods. I am really excited to have a different roll this time, and experience it in a different way. I’ve shown my art at all three Surburban Seed events, so this will be a change for me!

Sunday is my mom’s shower for me. It will be a very different crowd than my first shower. I am excited to see what kind of gifts Post Pardum, Labor and Delivery, and Nursery nurses will give! Lol! I’ve grown up with these women, worked amongst these women (I was a Labor and Delivery secretary for a while), and now these women will be delivering my first born. It’s actually somewhat of an emotional experience, how much impact my mother and these nurses have had in my life. I really respect and admire all of them, and am excited for them to be a part of Emerson’s delivery.

Yesterday, I was very surprised when my co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower, along with my two other ‘expecting’ co-workers, Mylisha and Dallas. These also happen to be two of my closest fellow coworker friends. Dallas’ wife is due in two weeks, I am due in four, and Mylisha due in 7. We are all having boys! It’s been a lot of fun going through this with all of them!  Here’s some pics:

And now…*cue drum roll*…the 35.5 week picture…

See how LOW he’s gotten!? Everyone who’s been following my pregnancy has said the last two days my tummy looks completely different. It’s crazy! I’ve been contemplating purchasing primrose oil/raspberry supplements or tea/castor oil. It’s not immediate, but I’m at my wits end with these pregnancy side-effects…my ankle and foot swelling has crept up to my calves, knees, and thighs. Skinny jeans are no longer an option. I also cannot wear any normal shoes (hello sexy Old Navy rubber flip flops and CROCS), and have been having ridiculously awful Braxton Hicks. My sciatic nerve pain has also been somewhat scary at times, where I’ve had to catch myself from falling on an almost hourly basis. I sound like one crabby complainer right now, but I’m not going to glamorize this for you. It sucks. But I know that I am blessed.  We will see where I’m at on Monday before I take any drastic measures. Some other things I can enjoy that induce labor? (Supposedly): Sex (Hellooooo therrrreee), Spicy foods (Taco Bell, here I come!), Pressure Massage (I just so happen to have a gift card for a pedi and a massage!), walking (God knows I need the exercise)…there are others that I am not so willing to try, such as acupuncture.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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