Twelve Weeks.

Three months. I can’t believe it. My little munchkin is twelve weeks old. I love him more than ever, and it leaves me breathless whenever I reflect on the past few months. Time is flying. I dread leaving Emerson for work every day, but its lead to a new discovery…My new favorite time of day. I love picking him up from Daycare. It’s a crazy emotion filled with anticipation and excitement, and when he smiles at me and recognizes his mommy has come to get him…my heart melts. I’m pretty sure his umbilical chord was never cut off, because I am attached to the child.

Two Blogs:


The first is a blog of a friend from high school. She’s beautiful, and follows her baby through her lovely blog. We have a lot in common when it comes to out birth experiences, and I love keeping tabs on her and her LO.

The second blog is one that I found while going back to the November 2011 message board on This poor woman lost her baby at full term. I read her story and just burst into tears. I wanted to hold her, comfort her, and mourn with her. I could not imagine the loss this woman went through, and I can only pray that God gives her comfort and strength.


Sorry to end on a sad note. Here…I’ll post some pics of Emerson’s three month photos to lighten the mood.


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