So I took the day off of work yesterday. Emerson and I both have colds. It is not very fun let me tell you. I had to force myself to come to work this morning. Emerson was lucky enough to spend the day with his daddy.


I’ve been feeling at a loss of words lately. I talked about my birth story, and I guess that was a lot of letters for me. I can give an update I suppose:

Breastfeeding – Is going better! I can now pump double what I used to thanks to forcing myself to eat, Fenugreek, and Metoclopramide. It’s still not enough for Emerson to be 100% breastfed, but it’s enough for him to have about two feedings a day (70/30 split…one pumped, one nursed).

Post Partum Pre-Eclampsia – My pressure is a lot better. My doctor even suggested weaning, as you cannot go off of beta-blockers cold turkey. I’m a little scared to, but it would be nice to not have a prescription cocktail every morning and night.

Emerson’s weight gain is way on track. I’m excited for his four month check up and to see what percentile he’s at. At his two month appointment, he was still in the thirties for weight. Long and lean is my baby. But, he looks like he’s chubbying up a big, which excites me.

Emerson’s a little behind on tummy time and holding his head up still. It worries me a little bit as a see babies around his age holding their heads up already. But since he was a little early, I’m blaming it on that, and hoping it’ll come soon. Don’t get me wrong, he can hold his head up, but not as sturdily as I’d hope.
Here are pictures of Em this week to take us through the weekend. (Thank the Lord it’s here! )



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