What a week – so far

Well this week has been dreadful!

Superbowl Sunday I took Emerson to Urgent Care because his cough got way worse. Turned out he has brochiolitis, which I guess is bronchitis for babies. He was put on abuterol respirator treatments, which I don’t wish on any mother in the world for a three month old! He absolutely hates them, so we try to give them to him while he’s sleeping. Otherwise, he just cries bloody murder that something is restricting on his face.

I love that even though he was feeling icky, Emerson managed to give me a smile in his Superbowl gear.


Needless to say we missed all of the –Bowl festivities. Super bummed, but spent the Sunday (and two work days) with my babe. I ended up getting more sick also, which made my hormones flip out and throw me into a pit of depression. Very unusual for me to feel as low as I did those few days. Normally I would jump at the chance to spend the day with Emerson. But for some reason I was lethargic, and unwanting to do ‘mommy duty’ Monday and Tuesday. Maybe it was my intuition telling me to stay away from him so that I did not get him more sick and I didn’t even know it. But as of last night I’ve been feeling back to my normal self, which is such a relief!Image


Now I am back to work, keeping busy, and enjoying lunchtime and chats with my girl – Kelly, who is now twelve weeks pregnant!


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