Presidents Day Weekend

It has been a fantastic three day weekend! I got to spend a lot of time with my husband and my baby, which happen to be my two favorite people. Quick recap…

Friday, Gavin and I made it a night in, got take out, and watched a movie together at home. It was nice to not have any plans and just lounge. Saturday, Gavin, Em and I got lunch together, did some errands, and then spent the evening with our close friends, supporting them with their softball. We got dinner afterwards. Sunday, Emerson was dedicated at church. He has a sense of humor because moments before going on stage, I hear a “BRRRRRRRTTTT” in his pant. He pooped his pants mere moments before presenting himself to the church. Then, he spit up on me while we walked onto the stage. THEN, he sneezed on our pastor’s hand while he was praying over him! What a little turd! Lol. Love that baby. You know he’s going to have daddy’s jokester side. We had lunch with the family afterward, some relaxation in the afternoon, and then dinner with the Brooks’, which is always a fabulous time. Monday, Gav and I met with the Task Force for the church plant. It was amazing to meet with these fantastic men who are so invested in our lives. Afterward we picked up Emerson from our friend, Stephanie’s house, we went to a furniture store to check out the President’s day sales. We need a new seating area for our home, as our cool looking, but not very functional couch needs to be replaced. We ended up finding a sectional we couldn’t say, “No,” to, and bought it. To celebrate, we utilized out Red Lobster gift card.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…Time to talk Em. He is developing INCREDIBLY fast. His head holding skills have dramatically gotten stronger over the past week. He also has stopped, “Cooing,” and is now full-blown, “AHHH-ing,” all of the time. He just talks to everyone! It’s so adorable. I love spending time with him and just eating up all of this wonderful time we’ve been spending together. This morning he woke up an hour before my alarm, and he was just so content in my arms, I just spent the hour holding and cuddling him instead of sleeping. I needed that comforting little baby boy in my arms. I am eagerly anticipating his other upcoming milestones and continued personality development. Other highlights of Em:

–          Eye color is definitely BLUE.

–          He’s discovered his HANDS. They are always in his mouth!

–          DROOL. He drools all over!

–          Grasping. He can now hold onto toys, although I do not think he exactly knows that he’s doing it.

–          Tollerates tummy time. He still doesn’t like it for long, but he’ll at least submit and stay there for longer than thirty seconds!

Anticipating horizons:

–          Laughing. He does these, “Huh’s,” right now, we are just so close to a full blown, “HAHA”.

–          Feet. I’m thinking since he’s discovered his hands, his feet will soon follow!

–          Sitting up??? I may be thinking ambitiously, but he already enjoys his Bumbo. He sort of sinks in it just a little, but with this weekend’s added neck strength, I think he may be more comfortable in it soon!


–          Naps. They are no longer hours long. I’m lucky if I get 20 minutes.

–          Quiet cries. Emerson has always been a quiet crier, and still is compared to other babies his age, but they’re no longer the whispers they used to be. We also get the occasional wale.

–          His overall tiny-ness. It’s gone! He’s getting so long and growing so fast! He’s double his birth weight now. UGH! Don’t go away little one!

This I’m looking forward to Rachel’s first Women’s bible study tonight! Also, when Gavin and I took birthing classes at the hospital, we met a couple who were due just a few weeks before Emerson. We went to the same Dr office, and would coincidentally schedule our appointments at the same time. During the last few weeks of our pregnancy, we got to know each other a little more, and strange enough, our babies were born just a few days apart due to Emerson’s early arrival! So, we are getting dinner with this couple, Thomas and Nicole, and their adorable little one, Paul.


Hope you all had a great President’s day!


Ems Dedication Outfit


Emerson with Auntie Sarah!


Daddy letting mommy get some sleep.


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