Done with one thing, on to the next…

Emerson has just recently gotten over his bronchiolitis. It really wanted to linger in there, and we were giving him treatments up to last Friday. Guess what? Today I went to put him in his car seat and discovered my little guy had pink eye! Just one thing after another with him! He hadn’t been in daycare since last Thursday, so I told the doctor I had no idea where he would have gotten it. He said that pink eye can lay dormant for a few days before showing any symptoms. Great. Hope no one else got infected in the 5 days in between. So, this morning was full or stress trying to get a hold of the doctor, ended up going to Urgent Care, finding someone to watch him since he couldn’t go to daycare, being late to work…ugh!

Otherwise…Things are going quite well. I’ve been doing a lot better at getting things done around the house instead of just being a bum or obsessing with Em. This comes as such a blessing because our house has been in utter turmoil the past year. It is slowly, but surely, coming more together. I have a goal this weekend to get two things done: 1) take some family snap shots, and 2) go through my clothes and get rid of about 1/3 to ½ of them. There are a ton of clothes that I hardly wear, and a lot of clothes that don’t fit me quite the same post partum…thanks a lot pregnancy… But, it’s nice to have goals. One thing that I’m not doing too well at is my anxiety over the well being of Emerson. With the onset of his recent medical conditions, I’ve been obsessing over SIDS. I wake up multiple times through the night and just stare at him through the monitor and make sure I can hear him breathing. I come across news articles and blogs about SIDS and it just crushes me. I don’t know what I would do without Emerson. It freaks me out that babies can just stop breathing for no particular reason! It even happens at daycares where people are supposed to be monitoring your child. I feel like I can’t protect my baby at all times, which I think is the scariest thing as a mother. So, maybe it’ll come with experience and time, maybe I’ll eventually need to seek counsel, but for now, my anxieties are quite high thinking about the, “What ifs.”

Something I’m looking forward to is hopefully more time with my hubby. He finishes two of his online courses this week, which means he’ll only be taking two ground courses till he graduates. I’m really hoping this frees up his schedule a bit so we can have more quality time together. We are both so busy nowadays, that it’s hard to have a free moment just to relax with one another and enjoy each other’s company. But I am optimistic with the next few months/year that we will be better organized with our time.

So, mostly positive with a few bumps this week.

OH! I almost forgot! This weekend, my VERY close friends, the Brooks, had their reveal party! I took photos, but silly me, left my camera at their house. So photos are soon to come! But…IT’S A BOY!!! I am so incredibly happy and blessed to have such a wonderful couple in my life. I love this family so much, and cannot wait to meet their little miracle. That’s another little dude for Emerson to play with!


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