4 month post

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t been posting as much, but working full time, doing stuff for the plant, and being a mommy has proven to take up the majority of my time!

Emerson Update time!!!

Yesterday was Emerson’s 4 Month Check up. It’s one of the ‘biggies’ when it comes to check ups, and he is right on track! His weight was in the 52nd percentile, so he’s perfect! Then, here’s the amusing part…he’s a daddy’s boy: 94th percentile in height!!! Definitely did not inherit that from my whopping 5’2”-ness. I’m so proud of my baby. He rolled over well for the doc, showed off his tummy time, and is able to move onto solids. Rice cereal and oatmeal first, but I’m nervous about it! Maybe I am subconsciously and selfishly holding myself and Emerson back from solids because I don’t want him to grow up and want him to be my tiny little infant forever, but I am just super nervous to take this next step! I am going to do it soon –Doctor’s orders – but am very hesitant about it. Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked that my little boy met his milestones, is healthy, and is growing. I’m just a sad mommy who loves her little baby and wants him to be a little one forever. Ha-ha.

Other milestones- like I mentioned earlier, Emerson can now mostly roll over! He gets about ¾ of the way there, then gets stuck on his arm. He also has LAUGHED. His laugh is more of a ‘huh-huh’ then a ‘ha-ha’, but it’s still the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard.

Now for some pics! (I would post videos…but my phone is not working)



Other life updates:

Gavin and I got our new couch! We love that we purchased something a little more family friendly and lounge-able. Our other couch looked really cool, but just wasn’t functional and comfortable for the amount of hosting that we do, and for a baby and growing family. I’ll do a home blog one of these days…

Happy Thursday everyone!


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