Cloudy Weekend.


It was a gloomy St Patty’s Day weekend here in Arizona. Half the state got a snow day today because of all of the winter weather. I thought we were over the coldness here, but it came back with a final vengeance. Today the high is in the sixties, while last week we were almost at ninety. Make up your mind Mother Nature! – I already packed my winter clothes…


Busy weekend, as usual. Saturday I went to my dear friend Alex’s baby shower. It was a mustache themed party, turned out very cute. Emerson wore a mustache onsie compliments of Sherrie Allen, who also made the flags in Emerson’s nursery and my nursing cover (she is so talented!) After the shower, I tried to feel better as I had been feeling nauseous and headache-y all afternoon. Gavin, Em and I then trekked over to the parent’s to feast on our corned beef and cabbage meal, watched a movie, called it a night. Sunday started off with church, where I worked in the kids ministry. We’ve been observing and helping out for part of the church plant in order to better understand and equip ourselves for the future. I absolutely LOVED helping out with the kids. I didn’t know what to expect, but I ended up loving my experiences, and hope to help out again! Anywho, had lunch with friends, where Emerson had the poop of a lifetime. And, of course, the restaurant we were at did not have a changing station, so I was performing a balancing act of changing a blowout diaper and outfit on a bathroom sink counter. Gavin and I then did some chores around the house while enjoying the weather, and watching our nephew. We later had dinner at my sister-in-laws house, where Em decided to drown us with smiles…


Pretty good weekend. I love the rain, but not the cold, but I hope that I get to enjoy a little bit more gloom till we go back to endless sunshine and heat.


Grandparents are coming into town this week. I am excited to see them, as always.


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