Fall Faves.


So it’s officially Fall, however the Arizona weather does not make it feel so. It’s under the 100 mark at least, but we’re still above normal for this time of year. As it is now the Fall season, I thought I would talk about some things I am obsessed with for Fall this year. There may be more to come, but here are the items that I am VERY into, at this moment.


Tiffany Blue…Anything of this color I am absolutely in love with. I am even going to incorporate it into Emerson’s upcoming first birthday which will be Fall themed. For some reason the color is still POP-ing at me, even though you would think it’s more of a Spring/Summer hue.


Simply Orange Juice…I know this has been out for a while, and I’ve been drinking it for a while, but I enjoy this orange juice more than all of the others. Maybe too much. I drink it all of the time. At least I’m getting my vitamin C.


Bold nail colors…Nail art has really been making a comeback. It was very popular in the 90s when long artificial nails were a fad. Remember those creepy hands at the salon that had unicorns and murals on them? I guess some nail places still have them, but for the most part the nail trend in the 2000s were more subtle. I love the new trend in fancy polish, and I’ve jumped on the train. Although I do not wear fakes, I paint my own nails with store bought polish, as I am too cheap to go to an actual salon. My last colors were a grayish purple, with a pop nail of (you guessed it) Tiffany Blue. Right now, my nails are the gold you see above.


Loafer style flats…Although I haven’t had extra money to blow on shoes lately, I have been really wanting to go out and buy every color and style of loafer flats. They look amazing with skinny jeans and leggings, and for Fall, are the perfect shoe.


Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax Granola Bars…I haven’t been eating too many carbs these days, but I have to have my fix of granola. I got these because they were on sale, and like the Kashi brand. I was hesitant to try them at first, and they patiently waited on my counter for two weeks or so. I finally got hungry enough to try them, and man was I pleasantly surprised! They are delish, and if you’re a granola lover like me, I recommend you go out and buy yourself a box…STAT!


Last week I did an all liquid diet to sort of jump start some weight loss before the holidays. I drank all natural smoothies, and had only blended fruits, veggies, a small amount of dairy, and supplemental protein. After a few days of just fruits and veggies, I really wanted to have some fall flavors on my pallet. Thanks to Google (Happy birthday btw), I found a yummy recipe for a healthy pumpkin smoothie! Here’s the link.


My new jogging stroller…After almost a year of using my Graco travel system stroller, it stopped working. I know a few other people who have experienced this glitch, but after using the stroller for a while, the collapse feature jams, and it is difficult, or impossible to collapse and expand the stroller. I had a bunch of Amazon gift cards that I had hoarded over the past two years, and gathered them together to buy myself a jogging stroller. Although I could not afford to get a BOB, I did go with the less expensive Baby Trend model. It is amazing! The jogging strollers are so much sturdier and easier to collapse then my previous stroller. After looking at the design of the collapse function, it does not look like it will have the same issue as the Graco stroller. I am looking forward to when it cools down so I can take Emerson on runs!


I don’t know about you, but I am so lazy when it comes to washing my face at night. I got some traveling face wipes to wash my face while camping a few months back and fell in love! I did not like the particular brand that I was using, but after some trial and error with a few different brands, I found that the Say Yes to Blueberries brand was the best for my complexion and had the least amount of chemicals in it. You can find it in the organic beauty section of your grocery store. It is a little more expensive then some of the other brands (just by two dollars), but it is worth the extra money in my book. It smells so fresh, and my face feels like I got a facial every time I use it. So refreshing!!

Well, I hope you enjoy these things as much as I do! I swear I’ll write more…Life has just gotten the best of me lately! Updates soon to come!


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