4 month post

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t been posting as much, but working full time, doing stuff for the plant, and being a mommy has proven to take up the majority of my time!

Emerson Update time!!!

Yesterday was Emerson’s 4 Month Check up. It’s one of the ‘biggies’ when it comes to check ups, and he is right on track! His weight was in the 52nd percentile, so he’s perfect! Then, here’s the amusing part…he’s a daddy’s boy: 94th percentile in height!!! Definitely did not inherit that from my whopping 5’2”-ness. I’m so proud of my baby. He rolled over well for the doc, showed off his tummy time, and is able to move onto solids. Rice cereal and oatmeal first, but I’m nervous about it! Maybe I am subconsciously and selfishly holding myself and Emerson back from solids because I don’t want him to grow up and want him to be my tiny little infant forever, but I am just super nervous to take this next step! I am going to do it soon –Doctor’s orders – but am very hesitant about it. Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked that my little boy met his milestones, is healthy, and is growing. I’m just a sad mommy who loves her little baby and wants him to be a little one forever. Ha-ha.

Other milestones- like I mentioned earlier, Emerson can now mostly roll over! He gets about ¾ of the way there, then gets stuck on his arm. He also has LAUGHED. His laugh is more of a ‘huh-huh’ then a ‘ha-ha’, but it’s still the most wonderful thing I’ve ever heard.

Now for some pics! (I would post videos…but my phone is not working)



Other life updates:

Gavin and I got our new couch! We love that we purchased something a little more family friendly and lounge-able. Our other couch looked really cool, but just wasn’t functional and comfortable for the amount of hosting that we do, and for a baby and growing family. I’ll do a home blog one of these days…

Happy Thursday everyone!


4 months…



Its incredible how fast time flies. Emerson is four months old tomorrow. I can’t believe it. Next week he gets his check up, and I cannot wait to hear what the doctor has to say, hopefully all good things.

Transitioning into a mom has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever experienced. I think I am now just starting to wean out of ‘panic mode,’ and slowly move into, ‘I think I can handle this-mode.’ I don’t think I realized when I found out I was pregnant, the magnitude in which a baby completely changes your life. A baby requires 100% of your attention when they’re new. The second you try to get something done, baby is hungry or has some other need that requires your attention. The first two months of new-mom-hood, I was elated and depressed at the same time. I cannot describe the incredible amount of love that I had (and have) for my son. I didn’t know that that kind of love could exist. At the same time, realizing that my life would never be the same, mixed with inexperience, medical issues, going back to work, and minimal sleep – I got a quick trip to sad-ville. I will admit, I can blame some of my bouts of sadness on balancing hormones and sleep deprivation, however, some of my sadness was inexplicable. I was so happy, yet so upset sometimes. Most moms will say this is normal, but for someone who is generally a happy-go-lucky kind of gal, it was seriously concerning for me.

I can proudly say that I haven’t felt that way in a while. I was fortunate enough to have some amazing people in my life praying for me, praying that my sadness to leave my life. Miraculously, it did with surprising haste. I have now gone back to my normal mommy self, which is to be in utter awe of what my amazing miracle has been in my life.

Emerson has gone from a little six pound skinny baby to a fourteen pound bundle of utter sweetness. His personality is starting to shine through. Emerson is such a happy baby, and I feel so blessed. I was walking to lunch with my husband today and realized, Emerson didn’t cry ONCE yesterday. How lucky am I!? He also decided to be a doll and sleep from 930 to 7. He didn’t even wake up hungry and upset. He just opened his eyes (I just so happened to be in the room), looked at me, and started cooing that beautiful music he sings me.

Emerson is so observant of his surroundings. Gavin says he has a ‘lemur’ face, but it’s actually Emerson opening his eyes so wide, so that he can absorb all of what is going on around him. It makes me so proud that he wants to learn, and that he wants to know what is happening. Yesterday in the car ride to daycare, I kept hearing a “zip” noise in my car. After a few minutes of confusion, I finally took a glance in the backseat to see if it was something Emerson was doing. He has a little duck on his carseat that when you pull it, it vibrates back up to the top of the link, and he was pulling the duck over and over again. I know it sounds trivial, but I was probably the most proud I’d ever been in my son, other than his endurance to make it through delivery. It was the first time that Emerson took initiative to play with himself, and not be forced to by myself, his dad, grandparents, or daycare worker. He saw the toy, grasped it in a moving car, and did it all by himself. So amazing the development that that sort of coordination takes!

Emerson has also started to squeal! (<–Video link). I’m hoping that it is a precursor to laughing. I cannot wait to hear him laugh. I’m sure I’ll cry.


Well, I’ve rambled on enough for today I think. Maybe I’ll write some more tomorrow.



Love this quote.

“Parenthood is funny like that. It’s all too easy to spend your time feeling frustrated with the state you’re in, only to miss it when it’s gone.”

This is from a blog I follow called Sometimes Sweet. Here’s its specific context.


Done with one thing, on to the next…

Emerson has just recently gotten over his bronchiolitis. It really wanted to linger in there, and we were giving him treatments up to last Friday. Guess what? Today I went to put him in his car seat and discovered my little guy had pink eye! Just one thing after another with him! He hadn’t been in daycare since last Thursday, so I told the doctor I had no idea where he would have gotten it. He said that pink eye can lay dormant for a few days before showing any symptoms. Great. Hope no one else got infected in the 5 days in between. So, this morning was full or stress trying to get a hold of the doctor, ended up going to Urgent Care, finding someone to watch him since he couldn’t go to daycare, being late to work…ugh!

Otherwise…Things are going quite well. I’ve been doing a lot better at getting things done around the house instead of just being a bum or obsessing with Em. This comes as such a blessing because our house has been in utter turmoil the past year. It is slowly, but surely, coming more together. I have a goal this weekend to get two things done: 1) take some family snap shots, and 2) go through my clothes and get rid of about 1/3 to ½ of them. There are a ton of clothes that I hardly wear, and a lot of clothes that don’t fit me quite the same post partum…thanks a lot pregnancy… But, it’s nice to have goals. One thing that I’m not doing too well at is my anxiety over the well being of Emerson. With the onset of his recent medical conditions, I’ve been obsessing over SIDS. I wake up multiple times through the night and just stare at him through the monitor and make sure I can hear him breathing. I come across news articles and blogs about SIDS and it just crushes me. I don’t know what I would do without Emerson. It freaks me out that babies can just stop breathing for no particular reason! It even happens at daycares where people are supposed to be monitoring your child. I feel like I can’t protect my baby at all times, which I think is the scariest thing as a mother. So, maybe it’ll come with experience and time, maybe I’ll eventually need to seek counsel, but for now, my anxieties are quite high thinking about the, “What ifs.”

Something I’m looking forward to is hopefully more time with my hubby. He finishes two of his online courses this week, which means he’ll only be taking two ground courses till he graduates. I’m really hoping this frees up his schedule a bit so we can have more quality time together. We are both so busy nowadays, that it’s hard to have a free moment just to relax with one another and enjoy each other’s company. But I am optimistic with the next few months/year that we will be better organized with our time.

So, mostly positive with a few bumps this week.

OH! I almost forgot! This weekend, my VERY close friends, the Brooks, had their reveal party! I took photos, but silly me, left my camera at their house. So photos are soon to come! But…IT’S A BOY!!! I am so incredibly happy and blessed to have such a wonderful couple in my life. I love this family so much, and cannot wait to meet their little miracle. That’s another little dude for Emerson to play with!

Presidents Day Weekend

It has been a fantastic three day weekend! I got to spend a lot of time with my husband and my baby, which happen to be my two favorite people. Quick recap…

Friday, Gavin and I made it a night in, got take out, and watched a movie together at home. It was nice to not have any plans and just lounge. Saturday, Gavin, Em and I got lunch together, did some errands, and then spent the evening with our close friends, supporting them with their softball. We got dinner afterwards. Sunday, Emerson was dedicated at church. He has a sense of humor because moments before going on stage, I hear a “BRRRRRRRTTTT” in his pant. He pooped his pants mere moments before presenting himself to the church. Then, he spit up on me while we walked onto the stage. THEN, he sneezed on our pastor’s hand while he was praying over him! What a little turd! Lol. Love that baby. You know he’s going to have daddy’s jokester side. We had lunch with the family afterward, some relaxation in the afternoon, and then dinner with the Brooks’, which is always a fabulous time. Monday, Gav and I met with the Task Force for the church plant. It was amazing to meet with these fantastic men who are so invested in our lives. Afterward we picked up Emerson from our friend, Stephanie’s house, we went to a furniture store to check out the President’s day sales. We need a new seating area for our home, as our cool looking, but not very functional couch needs to be replaced. We ended up finding a sectional we couldn’t say, “No,” to, and bought it. To celebrate, we utilized out Red Lobster gift card.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…Time to talk Em. He is developing INCREDIBLY fast. His head holding skills have dramatically gotten stronger over the past week. He also has stopped, “Cooing,” and is now full-blown, “AHHH-ing,” all of the time. He just talks to everyone! It’s so adorable. I love spending time with him and just eating up all of this wonderful time we’ve been spending together. This morning he woke up an hour before my alarm, and he was just so content in my arms, I just spent the hour holding and cuddling him instead of sleeping. I needed that comforting little baby boy in my arms. I am eagerly anticipating his other upcoming milestones and continued personality development. Other highlights of Em:

–          Eye color is definitely BLUE.

–          He’s discovered his HANDS. They are always in his mouth!

–          DROOL. He drools all over!

–          Grasping. He can now hold onto toys, although I do not think he exactly knows that he’s doing it.

–          Tollerates tummy time. He still doesn’t like it for long, but he’ll at least submit and stay there for longer than thirty seconds!

Anticipating horizons:

–          Laughing. He does these, “Huh’s,” right now, we are just so close to a full blown, “HAHA”.

–          Feet. I’m thinking since he’s discovered his hands, his feet will soon follow!

–          Sitting up??? I may be thinking ambitiously, but he already enjoys his Bumbo. He sort of sinks in it just a little, but with this weekend’s added neck strength, I think he may be more comfortable in it soon!


–          Naps. They are no longer hours long. I’m lucky if I get 20 minutes.

–          Quiet cries. Emerson has always been a quiet crier, and still is compared to other babies his age, but they’re no longer the whispers they used to be. We also get the occasional wale.

–          His overall tiny-ness. It’s gone! He’s getting so long and growing so fast! He’s double his birth weight now. UGH! Don’t go away little one!

This I’m looking forward to Rachel’s first Women’s bible study tonight! Also, when Gavin and I took birthing classes at the hospital, we met a couple who were due just a few weeks before Emerson. We went to the same Dr office, and would coincidentally schedule our appointments at the same time. During the last few weeks of our pregnancy, we got to know each other a little more, and strange enough, our babies were born just a few days apart due to Emerson’s early arrival! So, we are getting dinner with this couple, Thomas and Nicole, and their adorable little one, Paul.


Hope you all had a great President’s day!


Ems Dedication Outfit


Emerson with Auntie Sarah!


Daddy letting mommy get some sleep.

One Year.

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Emerson’s journey! We do not know exactly what his date of conception is, but we have a pretty good idea that it was the national day of romance. It amazes me that a year has already passed us by since this all began, and it almost brings me to tears thinking about all of the wonderful experiences pregnancy and motherhood brought me. So many, “Firsts,” that I’ll never experience again (because they won’t be firsts anymore!). I cannot explain the happiness that reminiscing over the past year brings me…So I will review in photos.

The first announcement. We only waited a week to tell people!


The first preggo photo.


The first ultrasound. You could see the little bean at only 7 weeks!


Attending bachelorette parties and weddings as a mommy in training.


Reveal party.




Starting the ‘bump’.


Super pregnant.


Followed by suprise induction, delivery, and mommy-hood! Yippee!!!

Emerson Update

So Emerson had his follow up appointment for RSV today with his daddy. We still have to keep him on the breathing treatments, just not as frequently since he’s on the mend. The only concerning thing now are his oxygen levels. Normal oxygen levels are 100%. My pediatrician does not like levels to be under 93%. Emerson’s are 92%. So I’m a little worried there, and hope there are no long term conciquences.

However, there was good news! Emerson is now 13.5 pounds and in the 47 percentile! YAY! He has been underweight since birth, and now we don’t have to worry about that anymore and he can officially take more breastmilk. This makes me one happy momma!

Well, it’s a typical Friday here. Long, slow, boring…Looking forward to spending the evening with family at my sister-in-law’s house for my mother-in-law’s birthday.