Oh dear blog, I’ve been neglecting you!


My life it rediculously busy, and it’s definitely been taking a tole on my moral. Work seems to be such a daunting task in addition to ministry, my photography, obtaining my masters, while trying to maintain my relationships with my husband, family, and friends. Not to mention I’m PREGNANT, and way too busy for my own good. I daydream of November 14th, when I go on maternity leave, and am able to just take a small break to enjoy one of life’s greatest miracles. I know it wont be an easy ride once Baby arrives, I’ll have a lot to learn and to take care of. But at least I’ll finally have some time. I never appriciated time so much in my life till now…


Well, as discussed in my last blog, we’ve added a new addition to the Linderman household. Lily has now been home for over a week now, and is starting to get comfortable. She recognizes me as mommy, and Gavin as daddy. After the rescue reviewed her documents, they realized that she was younger than they thought, which would explain her hyperactive puppy tendencies. Marco is getting used to playing 80% of the time, as he’s used to napping about that much.


It’s starting to get uncomfortably hot in Arizona, especially as a preggo. I’m not even huge, and am unusually bothered by the excessive heat. I’m just praying that my car’s AC doesn’t go out…


Here’s an updated belly pic! (Don’t judge the mess…no time…remember?)



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